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A less flamboyant formal house uniform for the subtly debonair Witch.

Permissions and credits

  • For Witches only!
  • Replaces "Elegant Formal Uniform" textures
  • Colors are designed to match NPC's uniforms
  • Works for all houses
  • You will have to find the clothing, good luck.

  • Unzip the file that you download
  • Put the files in your mods folder:
    `...\steamapps\common\Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Content\Paks\~mods`

  • It's a data edit to DA_GA_Outfit_053_F so it doesn't directly edit bitmaps or need to include textures to work.
  • Source-values also uploaded in JSON DA_GA_ format
  • ChunkID = 175

Special thanks
Tangerie, Dekita, LongerWarrior


This mod is published as-is, I made it for myself, if it works for you I'm glad i could share it with you! But please forgive me, I don't have the stamina to take requests for changes or additional mods, and can't be your tech-support for installation issues or conflicts. However I have uploaded the source-values, and written guidance so you can build on my work for your own personal needs (see also Permissions and credits).


Frequently Asked Questions

Male version?
No. Sorry. You can though, I've added the source file in the downloads.

Request for changes or re-texture something else?

Is this compatible with shorter skirts mod?

It doesn't work for me, use divination to solve my exact problem!
Try changing the load order, by renaming the files to "zz_FormalUni_P"
Confirm you aren't using another mod that is allocated to ChunkID 175

Which face settings are you using in the pictures?
Face 3, Skin 1, HairColor 14, Complexion 7, Freckles 10, EyeColor 3, EyebrowColor 19, Eyebrow 10
Vanilla Ponytails