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Slows down time so you have time switching quick-action spells in combat

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This mod Slows down time when you are switching quick-action spells in combat..

With a Controller, I was always getting annoyed for getting hit because I have to stop moving to do this... (on keyboard / mouse you just use the wheel so you can change very quick while not losing any action).

For Mouse / Keyboard, hold the mouse attack button to trigger.


  1. Download UE4SS (try the dev version if you have any crash, take xinput DLL and ue4ss-settings.ini)
  2. Extract its content next to the executable "~\Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Binaries\Win64\HogwartsLegacy.exe"
  3.     > Should look like that (edit: minus imgui.ini and ue4ss.logs that generate after. You do not need all original files from UE4SS zip, and you can remove the default mods)
  4. Extract the zip content at the root game folder "~\Hogwarts"



  • Adapted structure to work with Vortex


  • Further tweaks from UltimateCoffee#0814 to cover more cases where cancel slow motion was needed.


  • Update of initial version, mixed with aim mode, and tweaked by UltimateCoffee#0814. It cancels Slow motion on first spell cast, so if you know your currently selected spells well, it goes smooth and should (nearly) never trigger by mistake. (now good with controller)


  • Added alternative version to slow down on aim for controller


  • Base version (not good with controller)

Special thanks to Darkstar#7383 --  Doudoulix#5078 - UltimateCoffee#0814 from the Hogwards Modding Discord for their invaluable help.

Assist me by voting with annoying this bug: Hogwarts Legacy : Character shadows and reflection broken after Daedalian Keys puzzle or Alohomora (wbgames.com)