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This mod rebalances the 3 unforgivable curses. It will slightly cut the Avada Kedavra cooldown. But most importantly it will improve the other two and make them actually useful.

Permissions and credits
The changes this mod will make to the unforgiveable spells are:

Avada Kedavra:
Reduced coolwown from 90 to 60s
reduced out of combat cooldown to 10s (from 60)
added a bit of knockback because in Goblet of fire Cedric was knocked back
made it a louder curse --> Enemys will get alerted
higher range

Cooldown reduced to 15 from 20s
makes the impact count as very loud (screaming) so enemys will gett alerted
makes the crucio effect infinitly long --> forever stun
Damage slightly reduced

lower Range
lower out of combat cooldown (5s)
almost silent attack --> stealth move
imperio lasts for an infinite amount of time

If you have any idea for improvements for this mod pls tell me.