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Fantastic Reshade aimed at significantly enhancing the atmosphere and graphics, with improved lighting & darkness, removal of usual game oversaturation & blue tint, enchanced texture details. All through simple processes (bloom, fake HDR, curve, etc..) aiming to avoid FPS cost. All can be tweaked within reshade if you so desire (ie: bloom,

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Troubleshoot section at the end


HL Cinematic Reshade aimed at significantly enhancing the atmosphere and graphics
, proposing :
  • Enhanced lighting effect (particularly bloom and light transitions)
  • Better contrast all around for deeper tones & blacks
  • Slight Colour rebalance (removal of oversaturation & blue tint) - this can be desactivated/tweaked with a click as it might depend on your screen calibration.
  • Enhanced texture details, yet not overly sharpened. Just enough to take away the base bluriness, especially good to counterbalance DLSS which tend to produce a slight blur. See below how more detailed & striking the finer patterns are after with the reshade. (full images in media above)

Performance :
All through simple processes (bloom, fake HDR, curve, etc..) to avoid FPS cost.(testing showed no dip in FPS / the precise cost was ~0.698fps during testing on my hardware so basically none).
However; this may vary from machine to machines especially if you have a fairly old gen (2000 series or under) as wella s software/driver/reshade version etc....as well as the scene itself - Other people test showns 0 to 3 fps loss depending on their specific machines and situation (not including the small subset of people who have a reshade depth buffer issue, which should be fix on the next reshade version) -  but the purpose was to only use fairly simple processes to avoid any performance hit as much as possible.

Anything can be tweaked though like most reshade presets to find your own sweet spots.

> All images are from Ultra setting < so this reshade make the game Ultra Ultra! ^_^ or if you are playing on low/medium would dramatically enhance the grahic towards an ultra experience !

IMAGES : Have a look at comparison images - I think it speaks for itself.
VIDEO : Also, you can have a look at this comparison video from aProvokedKiwi - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0zlVxkvGNk - thanks for recording it

If you are enjoying it, don't forget to endorse please :)

1) Installing reshade software:

- Download Reshade 5.4.2 or latest version at https://reshade.me/ (might work on lower version too, but not tested)
- Run the installer and run Reshade to select your game for the installation - You need to select HogwardLegacy.exe in the list, or browse
it in your game folder (there are 2 HogwardLegacy.exe ,>>>  Choose the .exe in the Phoenix folder. <<<
- Click Direct3D 10/11/12
- Effects needed in the list are :
  • Standard effects (usually checked and at the top)
  • SweetFX by CeeJay.dk,
  • qUINT by Marty Mcfly
  • Legacy effects at the bottom of the list (you can tick others to expriment too, but they are not required)
- make sure to check all effects aforementioned are ticked then press Ok for each windows appearing
- You are done installing reshade

2) Installing HL Cinematic reshade:

- Dowload through Nexus mod in the 'file' tab
- Unzip 'HL Cinematic.ini' to your game main folder where HogwartsLegacy.exe is - HOWEVER It is the one in the Phoenix directory - In the same folder where you find a newly created "reshade-shaders" -
ie for Steam :
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Binaries\Win64]

- It is installed! Now launch the game and if all worked correctly, Reshade will say it is loaded succesfully in the band at the top of your screen.
- Press the 'Home' button on your keyboard (above Del then next on the right) to bring up reshade, skip tutorial or do it quickly, then select 'HL Cinematic' in the bar at the top below the tabs and next to the < > characters.. If it does not show, it means you did not put it in the right folder, so go back a step ;)
- You are done !!
you can tweak individual effect in the reshade window, and you can set up a shortcut to turn all effects on/off for comparison in the setting tab of the reshade menu in-game.

- In-game if using DLSS with this reshade, set sharpening to 0 as default, as the reshade is already doing the sharpening work
- You may want to reajust the in-game brightness setting (where they ask you to look at a logo) if you find it too dark after reshade

Enjoy ! & endorse if you like it :)

=== VERSIONS ===

- Small corrections on contrast to bring out some of the smaller details, and small amount of vibrance to compensate for the bloom natural small desat. comparison images are still up to date as again it is to improve on some details and making the experience even greater :) Worth an update
1.10 - Slight increase of constrast/vibrance & rebalance of whites to reduce over-exposure in some situations- comparison images are still up to date as it is mostly to improve specific situations as aforementioned.
1.0 - release version


While Reshade in general (the effects used in this mod) should be basically performance free cost - it also depends on your machine specs/software/drivers etc. Older gen machine might see some cost for instance, but it could also simply be a conflict with other effect in the game etc.

There is a known issue between the game itself and reshade which affects some users, regardless of presets/mods, and can cause significant FPS loss. Thanks to jacobt409 who did some research, there should be a fix in the next version of reshade. In the meantime, please try this fix first and if it does not work, then try the steps below :

  • In game, open the ReShade window, go to the Add-ons tab, and uncheck Generic Depth. A restart of the game is required for the change to take effect

If the above did not help, best way to handle it in case you think reshade is causing you FPS loss, would be to try these steps one by one:

  • There seem to be sometimes an issue between the Reshade software & frame generation (independent of presets/mods). If you are using frame generation, try and desactivate it to see if this is your problem (meaning the same issue/fps loss after FG desactivation)
  • Download Reshade 5.4.2 which I always found to be very stable - It solved some issues for people in the comments.
  • Download the addon support version which should only be used with single player games, but provide greater stability overall
  • To tick on/off each effects (only a few in this mod so should be quick) and see if any of them is costing you more than it should / there is a statistic tab in the reshade interface that should give you some pointers.

The mod was tested by several people on different machines with no noticeable performance hit (0 up to 3fps), however as we know, computer are all different and that there is currently some issue between the game & reshade for some users. Hope this helps.