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About this mod

Wender Vate is an extremely useful tool for anyone looking to play Hogwarts Legacy. The program can help optimize the game's performance and eliminate pesky issues like stuttering, delays, or poor performance. This is especially important for players who want a smooth and fluid gameplay experience.

Permissions and credits
Wender Vate works by adjusting the game's graphics and performance settings to ensure that it runs smoothly on your computer. This can lead to a significant improvement in performance, allowing you to enjoy the game without any frustrating hiccups or lag.
Overall, if you're experiencing any performance issues with Hogwarts Legacy, Wender Vate is definitely worth checking out. Its ability to boost performance and eliminate stuttering or lag makes it an invaluable tool for any serious gamer.

First of all, this entire project is open source on Github, which means you can view and modify the source code to help me out, stealing is not allowed.
This project is also Open-Source, check it out! (https://github.com/Jisll/Wender-Vate)

How does this Tool works?
Step 1: Download the file manually.
Step 2: Navigate to your download folder and run the file.
Step 3: A window will open with 2 buttons: "Fix" and "Uninstall".
Step 4: Note that this tool will only open if you have more than 12GB of available RAM. If you have less than 12GB of RAM, you won't be able to use this tool.
Step 5: Once you click the "Fix" button, a message box will open, telling you that it's finished.
Step 6: Now, you can start the game and see the effect of this tool.


Framerate Information
Current: 124 FPS
Min: 93 FPS
Average: 115 FPS
Max: 128 FPS
Lowest: 83 FPS


Framerate Information
Current: 128 FPS
Min: 92 FPS
Average: 117 FPS
Max: 128 FPS
Lowest: 85 FPS

I conducted a benchmark test to compare the performance and graphics quality of Hogwarts Legacy with Wender Vate, and the results
revealed some notable differences. After compiling the data, I have
listed the discrepancies for your reference.