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With this you can toggle many ui elements with hotkeys.
You can use T (spell menu) while hiding hud to freeze game for photo.
Note: You cannot toggle elements that are already turned off in settings.

Permissions and credits
1. Download the main file with requirements included and put it in: (with your own drive letter):
D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Binaries\Win64

or if you want to manually install the requirements:
1. Install reshade with addon support from the bottom of this page, use direct x 10/11/12 when installing and chose HogwartsLegacy.exe located in this folder for steam (with your own drive letter): D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Binaries\Win64
2. download ShaderToggler from here and extract the zip to the same location as above. 
3. Place this mod in that folder aswell. (extracted).
4. Open the game and use the hotkeys!

Credit to FransBouma For creating ShaderToggler, a brilliant addon for reshade!

Features and Hotkeys

Numpad 0: Toggle HUD
CTRL + Numpad 1: Remove Broomstick smoke
CTRL + Numpad 2: Toggle all fog
CTRL + Numpad 3: Remove some(not all) low hp visual effect
CTRL + Numpad 4: Remove ancient hotkey above heads (also removes alot of other important bars unfortunately, cant fix.)
CTRL + Numpad 5: Toggle Enemy highlights, remove curse mark. and have red dot lock-on.
CTRL + Numpad 6: Toggle Spell Spider Sense.
CTRL + Numpad 7: Toggle All highlights, and have red dot lock-on
CTRL + Numpad 8: Toggle Enemy highlights, and have red dot lock-on
CTRL + Numpad 9: Remove some distortion effect in quest.
ALT + Numpad 1: toggle book trail, shows line only.
ALT + Numpad 2: Revelio less smoke and effects.
ALT + Numpad 3: Revelio Toggle Glowing items and objects.
ALT + Numpad 4: Toggle minimap (also main map icons dissappear)
ALT + Numpad 5: Toggle everything except minimap
ALT + Numpad 6: Toggle subtitles (unfortunately choices too)
ALT + Numpad 7: Black Ball Dash (changes the appearence of your dash)

Decimal/Del button between numpad 0 and numpad enter: Combination hotkey, removes Broomstick smoke, remove all fog, Remove low hp visual effect and getting hit red screen effect,  Remove enemy highlights, the curse mark(can still see cursed enemies when hitting them), and use a small red dot as lock on, remove spell spider sense, Revelio less flashy effects, and use Black ball dash (i like it because it flashes less than original). This is the hotkey i use when i start the game then ill just toggle it if something is bugging.
Enter: Same as hotkey above but doesnt remove spell spider sense.

Changing Hotkeys
To change hotkeys you open reshade with the hotkey "home", then you chose "Add-ons" and you can minimize "generic Depth" if its bothersome by clicking its arrow. Then click the arrow on Shader Toggler, and in the bottom "List of toggle group" and chose edit on the one you want to change hotkey for. Then click on the hotkey slot and rebind and click okay twice, then remember to click "Save all Toggle groups".

You can also easily remove any of these functions you want by clicking the X where you change hotkeys and then save it. If you never want to use a function. and you can also set the same hotkey for several functions to easily toggle them on/off.
Note: toggling any of these can cause other elements to dissappear in random other places, therefor i recommend switching the hud in the normal settings first if possible. Also toggling fog here removes a little bit more fog than my other mod. (in certain places, mostly the far distance).