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A fix, sort of, for female player faces looking odd in normal gameplay.

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You know the drill by now, read!

Now officially fixed by Avalanche in the latest patch. The worst (facial structure shifting upwards) is fixed, and expressions are at least somewhat tweaked. However, one could argue it's still not quite right, in which case, this mod is still usable, and stacks with Avalanche's fixes.

This mod is an imperfect "fix" or band-aid, if you want to be technical, for the problem of female player faces looking strange outside of cutscenes/the gear menu. See bug report here. It covers all face shapes. It will be incompatible with other mods that edit the same face meshes. It is compatible with texture replacers.

Sounds good, right? Yes, but it doesn't come without downsides. As a result of my band-aid, your face will be less expressive in general, especially in cutscenes. A balance may be found eventually, but this issue is a real head-scratcher.

To install the mod, extract it, and drag the 'Phoenix' folder onto your 'Hogwarts Legacy' game folder.

From the Modding Discord:
ll500 for their guide on editing face meshes in Blender
Ochre for the request
niiveus for testing and screenshots
RavenofWar for testing