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This is my first mod made for Hogwarts Legacy. This replaces Dark Arts Deluxe Edition outfit for female.

Permissions and credits
This replaces Dark Arts Deluxe Edition outfit for female only for now.

Since the Dark Art outfit models share the same textures for both male and female version, the mod will conflict with the textures of male version. Fortunately, it won't break the game.
Also this will temporary remove a particular female school shoes model.

Put the .pak, ucas, and utoc files to your ~mod folder  (....\Steam\steamapps\common\Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Content\Paks\~mods).

To uninstall, delete the mod (xxx.pak, xxx.ucas, and xxx.utoc files).

Model of the outfit is a property of Capcom. All rights reserved.
Riding boot model made by me.
AutumnPloof for his unreal engine 4.27 modding tutorial.
Alphazomega for his alphaz's tool 0.42.
Narknon, JujuB, Ninjagrimo, Matyamodding, TerryXX, FatihG_ for the ff7r modding tutorial and guide.
SamsamTS for UEasset editor.
Matyalatte for the model injector.