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Replace washed-out gray light with sharper natural lighting, while maintaining the spirit of the game.
The game look less foggy and colors are more "natural"

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-Replace gray ambient light with sharper natural lighting, while maintaining the spirit of the game.
-Now colors are more "natural"
-I try my best to make the game less foggy
-Lighting sources look more realistic and brighter
-Contrast and luminosity are automatically adjusted according to the scene

This is a reshade preset, i did my best to keep de feeling of Hogwarts Legacy. I didn't want an overcontrasty or saturated reshade like many others.

This reshade has been optimized for the game's default brightness.
I recommand set upscal sharpness of the game to 0 in "display option", as it's already corrected by the reshade.

Couldn't find a ReShade I was 100% happy with, so I make my own. I spent hours tweaking it in different locations to make it look good in most situations.
This is my first time on NexusMods, so if you have any problems feel free to report them.

If the preset doesn't match exactly what your looking for, here are some tips for you:
-If windows pop too much for you, you can decrease "bloom_adapt_exposure" of the Bloom shader
-If corners are too dark for you, you can decrease "gamma" of the Tonemap shader
Be careful, because it can change the rendering of other scenes.

My English can be a little clumsy, sorry for that :)
Enjoy !


Shaders used:
1. LumaSharpen
2. Bloom
3. Tonemap
4. Vibrance
5. HDR
6. Vignette
7. Clarity

Installation instructions:
-First Install Reshade:
> Download Reshade at https://reshade.me/
> Run the installer and run Reshade to select your game for the installation - You need to select HogwardLegacy.exe.
> Click Direct3D 10/11/12.
> Effect package needed in the list are :
- Standard effects 
- SweetFX
- AstrayFX

-After that, install NaturalLighting:
> Manual download through Nexus in the 'files' tab. There are different versions, you can download one or more
> Unzip 'NaturalLighting.ini' to your game main folder, probably C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Binaries\Win64
> Launch the game.
> In the bar at the top of your screen, Reshade will indicate that it has loaded successfully.
> Press the 'Home' button on your keyboard to bring up Reshade, then select NaturalLighting' in the bar at the top. If you have downloaded several versions, you can choose between them.