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I have added new updated video for ya confused people
if ya still having issuse join my discord i will help ya

if you want to unlock all achievements use this video as tutorial

if you want use cheat table for this game follow the instruction below. I also have updated the cheat table.original creator of cheat table:original creator
In new ct file got to activation->scripts->stats & modifier

How to use this cheat table?[list=1]
  • You download and install cheat engine from https://www.cheatengine.org/
  • Then you download the cheat table script 
    it is named: new updatedCT
    After that:
    Open the Cheat table new updatedCT and Launch the game
    Once the game is loaded and you are at a Vendor ingame. 
    Click flashy icon on the top left (Select a process to Open) of the Cheat Engine script and Select the Hogwarts process. 
    Keep the current list/code list = YES
    activation->scripts->stats & modifier[b] 

    Scroll down for what feel like for ever and look for, Tick and change the following entries:
    VendorPricesModifier.Current its value should be 1  -> CHANGE the value to  -1000
    VendorPricesModifier.Base  Leave this one alone
    VendorPricesModifier.Min its value should be 0.1000000015  -> CHANGE the value to  -10
    VendorPricesModifier.Maxits value should be 10  -> CHANGE the value to -1000
    Switch back ingame and talk to a vendor (i used the scrolls vendor) the prices should now be changed to give you money instead when buying.
    Save your game after purchases.
    you can use other stuff like xp and knowledge

    To revert the changes after, just close the game and the cheat table and start up the game again.

    Hope this helps. instruction provided by Angelus8214

    video tutroil