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Play as Lord Voldemort in Hogwarts Legacy

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This mod adds Voldemort's head, that you can choose for your character. 
And replaces the hands texture.

Note: affects multiple skin colours.

The face is animated, and uses standard animations.
\\\ Personal Character mod ///
\\\ Personal tutorial on how to make a mod like this ///

Extract, then drag the "Phoenix" folder in your "Hogwarts Legacy" game folder.

How to use
Select the first Head preset, and skin colour. Then make him bold, and choose eyes

Or you can have fun with him :) 
There is a gap between his head and the hair though, he wasn't designed with hairstyles in mind. But most glasses look fine  

Thank you for downloading!

If you wish to support me, so i could make more mods like this, and improve this one, here is my crypto wallet: 0xc0252256617c9a3b78d381b877e75f43f76a9aa5

Also, if you need 3d artist, here is my ArtStation
email: [email protected]

How to change existing character to Voldemort?
You can download this mod to do that

-Things you might want to know-
The Dark Lord uses Chunk ID 114
Also, replaces textures for Wild Fire Broom

P.S. Face animations can look goofy sometimes, i may change that in later updates.