Hitman 3

About this mod

Various mesh and texture fixes of 47 and NPC outfits.

Permissions and credits
Fixed Swimwear on Haven Island crashing issue.

Moved more meshes that need to be in chunk0.

Restored an outfit I overlooked to include in 1.5.6.
(Sapienza's broken ankle guy)

Updated for "Freelancer" update.
(Had to move some files to chunk0 since the Freelancer update moved a handful of outfits to chunk0)

Restored custom mesh that was accidentally not included.

Fixed Whittleton Elusive crashing issue.

No new fixes.
Updated Simple Mod Framework version to deploy with version 2.0.
Mod can also be updated in SMF 2.0 when I release updates.

1.5.2 and 1.5.2a - Bug Fixes
Removed files that are either unnecessary, crash certain levels when loading, or could potentially cause issues in the future.

1.5.1 - Minor Update

Whittleton Creek
Fixed crashing issue due to forgetting to include files for construction worker shirt

Pants (47 and NPC) - Clipping with specific pair of shoes

Facility Guard (47 and NPC) - Neck, sleeve and pant ankles clipping
Street Guard (47 and NPC) - Elbow and pant ankle clipping (pants also global)
Female Researcher - Elbow clipping
Hush Researcher - Shoe clipping

2 Chef shirts (47 and NPC) - Shirt clipping (To do: Pants)


Males (47 and NPC) - Feet clipping through 3 sandals
Females (NPC) - Feet clipping through 4 shoes
Males (47 and NPC) - Hands clipping though fingerless gloves
Italian Suits (47) - Neck clipping through collar

Cornelia Stuyvesant (NPC) - Minor bra clipping
Male NPC - Skin clipping through wrist

Guard (47 and NPC) - Tie clipping through collar

Female Hazmat (NPC) - Neck clipping through hazmat

New York
Bank Robber (47) - Neck clipping through jumpsuit

Whittleton Creek
Male NPC - Forehead clipping through fedora

Santa Fortuna

Soldier (47 and NPC) - Holster clipping into jacket
Female NPC - Jacket and shoes clipping
Male NPC - Black hat decal
Male NPC - Tanktop clipping into skin and shorts
Male NPC - Red Shorts and shirt clipping
Female NPC - skin clipping through bra
Female NPC - Pant waist and belt clipping

Kronstadt Female (NPC) - Belt clipping
Male NPC - Neck and elbow clipping
Maxwell Rutter (NPC) - Tie clipping
Ted Mendez (47) - Neck clipping

Hawke's Bay
Guard - Cross necklace clipping into sweater

Ambrose Island
Hippie (47) - Glasses clipping into ears

1.4.1 - Minor Update

Haven Island

Low LOD texture bug fixed for following:
Guard (NPC and 47) - Color adjusted the base pant texture to replace wrong texture on pants


47 Head - UV Mapping fixed on another H1 head
Apron Material - No longer double sided
Neon City Suit - Neck Clipping through shirt
White Gloves - Clipping through sleeves

Sleeveless Guard (47 and NPC) - Restored old fix
Hippie (47) - Head clipping through bandana
Delivery (47) - Glasses clipping through ears
Landslide Photographer (47 and NPC) - Glasses and hat clipping
Therapist (47) - Glasses clipping
Waiter (47) - Shirt clipping through vest

Masseur (47) - Sleeve clipping and neck material mismatch

Yoga Instructor - Leg clipping and neck material mismatch

Hawke's Bay
Orson - Vest clipping through jacket


Engineer (47) - Glasses clipping
Event Worker (47 and NPC) - Shoulder and thigh clipping
Female Servers (NPC) - No neck, reverse apron, or ankle meshes
Male NPC - Tank top clipping
Female NPC - Shirt, shoe, and skirt clipping

Santa Fortuna
Forman (47 and NPC) - Coveralls clipping
Guards (NPC) - Mask coverings clipping
Guard (47 and NPC) - Shirt clipping


Male NPC - Shirt clipping at wrist
Crew (47 and NPC) - Vest clipping
Dancer Female (NPC) - Elbow clipping
Dawood - Elbow and necklace clipping
Guard - Necklace clipping
Queen Guard - Wrist clipping

Initiate (47) - Hat clipping (Still looking into the should clipping due to physics)
Various (47) - Masks slight eyebrow clipping

Whittleton Creek
Construction Worker (NPC) - Shirt clipping (Accidentally edited 47's outfit twice in last fix)


Hazmat Suit - Neck clipping

In addition to my personal finds, there are lots of fixes for clipping errors that were reported by Rimland over at hitmanforums

Gloves - Clipping found in Romania and used by various disguises in game
Lynch - Neck seem and minor shirt clipping
Starting Outdoor Outfit - Minor Neck clipping
Requiem - Neck clipping and collar weighting
Summer Suit - Belt weighting
Tactical Suit - Neck clipping

DJs (47 and NPCs) - Suit, headphones and necklace clipping
Thug (47 and NPC) - Shirt clipping
3 NPC Male Ravers - Arm weighting and ankle clipping

Black and White Suit (and variations) - Neck clipping
Cook (47 and NPC) - Apron strap clipping
Guard (47 and NPC) - Lapel clipping and earpiece wire placement
Musician (47) - Scarf/neck clipping
Villa Guard (47 and NPC) - Shirt clipping and minor out of place vertices on boots
Waiter (47 and NPC) - Minor Shirt/Vest clipping
4 NPC Female Partygoers - Shoe clipping

Haven Island
Gas Suit (47) Minor clipping on head and wrist

Whittleton Creek
Realtor (47 and NPC) - NPC wrist weights, tie clipping. Modified collision radius and added properties for legs.
Baker (47 and NPC) - Undershirt clipping
Construction Worker (47 and NPC) - Undershirt clipping

Florida Man (47 and NPC) - Reverse side of apron invisible

Cook (47 and NPC) - Apron strap clipping through collar

Cook (47 and NPC) - Apron strap clipping through collar
Cyclist (47 and NPC) - Waist, neck, and helmet strap clipping

Male Model - Hand clipping through glove fix restored. Hand replaced with original Hitman 1 model. (Used by a LOT of other outfits, so I can't thoroughly test if it fixes/breaks on these outfits. Please report if you happen to see anything weird going on with any male hands in Season 1.


New fixes:

Ashen Suit (And others that use same mesh) - Jagged edge of tie when leaning against wall, as well as physics error that happens when reloading level
Season 1 Head - Adjusted UV map of the newer "H3 head for H1 outfits" head

Male (NPC and 47) and female surgeons - Clipping hats, masks, collars, pant ankles, loose mask physics
Specific NPC was given his hair and head texture was edited
(Note: Main surgeon pant ankles cannot be fixed at this time.)
Morgue Doctors - Clipping hats, masks, "spiky" wrists, Apron knot and straps

Elite Soldier (NPC and 47) - Elbow clipping and shoelace material transparency

Updates to older fixes:
Haven Island
Swimwear - Body clipping through shorts

Main outfit and its 2 variants (Gloves and no glasses) - Neck seem (Eyes, tongue and teeth included this time :P)

Whittleton Creek
Nolan Cassidy - Fixed texture "rainbow effect" issue

Sleeveless Guard (NPC and 47) - Reverted fix. Still testing ways to better handle the clipping

1.1a - Minor Update

Various Levels
The physics mesh of the drawstring on hat mesh used to be pitch black, Now it is invisible like it should be.

New York

The  IT outfit's Flamingo Feet shoes have been restored.


Main Disguises
Season 1 head - Adjusted UV map to match season 3's so the neck seem lines up correctly
The Arkian Tuxedo - Clipping on hood and shoulder
The Buccaneer Suit - Hat clipping

Male fashion outfit (NPC) - Hands clipping through gloves

Main outfit and its 2 variants (Gloves and no glasses) - Neck seem
Sleeveless Guard (NPC and 47) - Clipping on various parts of the sleeveless shirt
Scientist (NPC and 47) - Neck clipping
NPC outside gelato shop - Broken and black colored ankles
Glasses (Season 1, Church Staff and various) - Adjusted to fit 47's face
Glasses (Season 1, NPC and 47) - Vertices adjusted so armband doesn't disappear when looked at from certain angles

Printer Outfit (47) - Minimized visible neck seem by replacing body with Season 3's so shader would match head

Two military shirts (NPC and 47) - Clipping on waist and wrists
Technician (NPC and 47) - Clipping on overalls and minor clipping on front of shirt

Laundry Worker (47) - Hands clipping through gloves

Whittleton Creek
BBQ Cook (NPC) - Adjusted goggles to fit face
BBQ Cook (NPC and 47) - Apron and undershirt clipping
Nolan Cassidy - Jacket shine alleviated by replacing with original HITMAN 2 texture

Haven Island
Guard (NPC and 47) - Color adjusted the base pant texture to replace wrong texture on pants
Swimwear - shirt clipping

Diana - Out of place vertices on eyebrow and eyelashes


1. Install .zip with Simple Mod Framework. 
(Mod has been configured to automatically update if/when it is updated.)
(If you previously used the RPKG version of this mod, please remove any chunk[0-28]patch8347.rpkg and chunk[0-28]patch8348.rpkg files from your Runtime folder.)

Note: If you have another mod that replaces Ashen Suit, Outdoor Outfit (Training outfit with coat in very first "level"), Lynch, or Summer Suit (Garden Party). Load this mod first on the list, then put the mod(s) with the suit replacement(s) below it.

OrfeasZ - ZHMTools (Resource Tool)
Dafitius - Dependency Editor
The nitpicky people at hitmanforum.com's bug report thread ;)