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A remake of one of the very first hitman contrats : The Lee Hong Assassination ! For the nostalgics

Permissions and credits
Feeling nostalgic ?
You love Codename 47 / Contracts ?
Let's revisit this mythical mission.
Be sure to read the briefing.


  • Make sure you have a patched packagedefinition.txt file  (go to Notex's tool and drag your packagedefinition.txt file in (it's in Runtime). Then, click
  • Set Patch Levels and then save it over your original packagedefinition.txt)
  • Download the Lee Hong Assassination Mod file and extract the RPKG within (chunk0patchX-takes the prologue slot
  • Slot
  • Copy the RPKG to your Runtime folder
  • Rename it to the next sequential chunk0 patch number - if you have
  • chunk0.rpkg, name it chunk0patch1.rpkg or if you have chunk0patch1.rpkg, name it chunk0patch2.rpkg,,etc.

for taking time to explain many things to me ! Many many thanks guys !
  • Atampy26, Duckilous, Notex, Grappiegegovert, Chucky, Wojtek and Rdil for their amazing work andadvices.