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Replaces the post-death ambient track with, "Ave Maria"

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Ave Maria Death Music
By Andrew Pratt

Replaces the post-death ambient track with, "Ave Maria"

Made for Hitman 3.20.0
This mod may not work with other Hitman 3 mods, especially those that replace death sounds


*Make sure Hitman 3 is NOT running when installing!*

   Using Quickmod:
As of 3/19/2021
  1. Download and install QuickMod if you haven't already: link
  2. Make sure packagedefinition.txt is updated for mods, QuickMod should take care of it for you though. If it didn't, then read how to do so manually below
  3. Download mod
  4. Extract rpkg file to any directory
  5. From within QuickMod, click "Import Mod" and navigate to the rpkg you just extracted
  6. Select the file, and click "Import"
  7. Give the mod any name and description
  8. The mod should be listed under "Available Mods" (if you have a lot of mods you may need to scroll to find it). Click "Enable" and it should move to "Enabled" on the right
  9. Be sure to disable any mods that replace death sounds, if you have any
  10. Click "Deploy Mods"

  1. Make sure packagedefinition.txt is updated for mods. See below if you don't know how to do that
  2. Download mod
  3. Extract chunk0patchX.rpkg to EpicGames/HITMAN3/Runtime
  4. Rename the file, replacing the X with whatever the next patch level would be for chunk 0. For example, if you see a chunk0patch1.rpkg, and chunk0patch2.rpkg, rename the file you extracted from chunk0patchX.rpkg to chunk0patch3.rpkg; if you don't see any patches, name it chunk0patch1.rpk
NOTE: You can probably play it safe and name your file something past the next available number, such as chunk0patch100.rpkg, chunk0patch47, etc. This   isn't guaranteed to work, however

   HOW TO PATCH YOUR packagedefinition.txt:
  1. Go to https://notex.app/tools/online/xtea/
  2. In file explorer, navigate to EpicGames/HITMAN3/Runtime and find the file packagedefinition.txt
  3. Drag packagedefinition.txt from file explorer and drop it onto the website you opened in step one
  4. Click the "Set Patch Levels" button
  5. Click the "Save File" button. A new packagedefinition.txt should download to your computer.
  6. Copy the downloaded file into EpicGames/HITMAN3/Runtime, replacing the old file