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Removes the vast majority of all voice lines by Diana, Grey and Olivia.

Permissions and credits
Removes the vast majority of handler dialogue by Diana, Grey and Olivia. Applies to all game modes and missions.

Not removed:
  • Briefings during skippable opening cutscenes (special assignment and elusive target intros have been removed as they play even if you skip the cutscene)

  • The Arrival: Nothing removed
  • Guided Training: Nothing removed
  • World of Tomorrow: Lines about Caruso's escape
  • The Author: Line about Black's escape
  • Freedom Fighters: Storm shelter sequence
  • The Vector: Nothing removed
  • Patient Zero: Lines about virus spreading and kills being permitted

  • Nightcall: The conversation about the bodies and the conversation at the computer
  • The Finish Line: Lines about final lap, race finishing and Robert escaping
  • The Ark Society: Line about The Constant being killed

  • On Top of the World: Opening sequence outside the building
  • Apex Predator: Nothing removed
  • End of an Era: Escape and ending sequence at the core
  • The Farewell: No handler, but removed 47 revealing mission stories

  • If you haven't already, update packagedefinitions by dropping packagedefinition.txt from HITMAN3/Runtime here, setting patch levels, downloading updated packagedefinition.txt and replacing the old file with it.
  • Extract silent_handers.rpkg to HITMAN3/Runtime and rename it to chunk0patchX, where X is the next number in the sequence of files there. If you have chunk0patch1, rename silent_handers to chunk0patch2. If you have chunk0patch2, rename silent_handers to chunk0patch3. And so on.