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Diana Coat and Dress replacements for 47's default outfits in the starting outfit menu.

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Animations, sounds of footsteps, and visible footprints all reflect the suit they are replacing.
So, Diana walks and moves like 47, there are no "click-clack" sounds of the high heals, and the visible footprints are of 47's normal shoe.
Coat doesn't have proper cloth physics around legs since it wasn't made to be playable.


Dress that replaces the Black and White Tuxedo Set is unlocked at Mendoza's Mastery Level 20 so it can be used in any level.


packagedefinition.txt needs to be patched
(Default location: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\HITMAN3\Runtime)

0. Optional: Make a back up of packagedefinition.txt.
1. Drag and drop packagedefinition.txt into the above site.
2. Click “Set Patch Levels”.
3. Click “Save File” and overwrite your original packagedefinition.txt .


1. Unzip .rpkg file into HITMAN 3’s Runtime folder.
Default location: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\HITMAN3\Runtime
2. Rename .rpkg to the next sequential patch number. If you have chunk0.rpkg, name it chunk0patch1.rpkg or if you
already have chunk0patch1.rpkg, name it chunk0patch2.rpkg. If there are multiple .rpkg packages in the .zip, just add by one.