Hitman 3
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This mod allows you to experience your favorite Hitman S1 maps straight from the 2015 alpha.

Permissions and credits
Hitman 0: Alpha revived
This mod allows you to experience your favorite Hitman S1 maps straight from the 2015 alpha.
Everything* included inside the mod is directly ported from the alpha.

This release is only a Proof of Concept and is missing a lot of content.
more content is still in development.


This mod might not work while other mods are installed.
To increase the chance of the mod working correctly with other mods you can use the modding framework by Onionsquid.


  1. Drag your game's packagedefintion.txt file (Located in the game's Runtime folder) into https://www.notex.app/tools/online/xtea
  2. click set patch levels if your packagedefinition.txt has never been edited before.
  3. Add [assembly:/_pro/scenes/missions/alpha/hokkaido/location.entity].entitytemplate under the Chunk 1 Base section like this:
// --- Chunk 1 Base
@partition name=base parent=super type=standard patchlevel=1
// --- render.packagedefinition

      4. Click save file and copy the new packagedefintion.txt to your game, replacing the old one.

      5. Launch the game (make sure to be offline!)

known issues

Copying the chunk 1 Base section from nexus mods can cause some problems with certain characters.
This will result in the level not being able to load with an error stating: "The required content could not be found".
To fix this issue you can write the entity path by hand or copy the bold line from step 3.

*This excludes some unchanged textures from Hitman 3