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Replace unique NPC's grey background contract mode images with custom images. Some of them are in-game intel/challenge images.

Permissions and credits
1. Go to the Runtime folder in your Hitman 3 installation directory.
2. Make sure your packagedefinitions.txt is patched. If not, drop it in https://notex.app/tools/online/xtea/, 'set patchlevels' and overwrite. Or you can use this tool, which helps you patch the packagedefinitions.txt automatically.
3. Extract the mod zip in this folder.
4. Name the rpkg file as chunk0patch[number].rpkg. The number can be 10 or higher as long as it does't overwrite any other files.

(1) This mod is not compatible with Offline Elusive or Offline Escalations mod. Only the mod with higher patch level works.
(2) The mod will keep updating overtime. So don't worry if your fonded NPC didn‘t get replaced. I'm working on replace them all. It's gonna take long so be patient. 
(3) Alternatively, if you want someone get replaced so badly, or just unsatisfied with some of current replacements. You can provide me your ansel screenshots (on Hitman Forum maybe? Since you're sending pictures) and I'll do the rest, and credit you of cource. Don't forget to add depth of field filter when you do that.
(4) There are unique NPCs like Sharon Reed in Chongqing who has a very decent intel picture. But the game gave Sharon and mutiple other NPCs the same image in contract mode. They'll share the same image even after replacing. Replacing NPCs like her would be pointless so I just skipped them.

Latest list of replaced NPCs ( Total 276 Replacements):
Paris [16]:
All 6 Male Models
Andrea Martinez
Dennis The Agent
Liza McKenzie
Mabaya Mzabuni (Crystsl Dawn)
Philip Von Zell
Sebastian Sato
Sheikh Salman al-Ghazali
Sophus Fatale
Tren Po
Valerie St. Claire
Sapienza WoT [21]:
All 2 Deliverers
All 3 Servers
All 4 Hazmat Suit Guys
Dr. Oscar Lafayette
Padre Francesco (Image From Kevin Rudd)
Plumber Brothers
Roberto Vargas
Sal Falcone
Store Clerk
The Butler
The Cyclist
The Street Performer
Torres Piombo
Marrakesh Day [14]:
All 4 Printing Crews
Ellinor Westrup
Hilda Berg
Konny Engström
Pam Kingsley
Sayid Laham
The Camaraman
The Consulate Intern
The Fortune Teller
The Headmaster
Tyler Clark
Marrakesh Night [1]:
Nimr 'Arif Bahar (The guy with a VIP ticket on him)
Bangkok [15]:
Abel De Silva
All 8 Partying Band Crews
Dexy Barat
Heidi Santoro
Mrs. Mookjai
Morgen’s Boduguard
The Stalker
Wes Liston
Colorado [7]:
All 5 Hackers
Point Man
Militia Chef
Hokkaido [12]:
All 2 VIP Patients
All 5 Morgue Doctors
Agent Smith
Director Nakamura
Dr. Laurent
Yoga Instructor
Hawke’s Bay [2]:
Garard Mann (Head Security)
Orson Mills
Miami [20]:
All 3 Mascots
All 6 Drivers
Antoine Mack
Derek McInnis
Florida Man
Grace Miller
Hector Delgado
Heidi Santoro
Maxwell Rutter
Sheikh Salman al-Ghazali
Ted Mendez
The Kitchen Staff
The Street Performer
Santa Fortuna [21]:
All 3 Band Members
All 5 Cartel Ladies
Argeo Rodriguez
Catalina Delgado
Héctor Delgado
Paola Bravo Magana
The Bartender
The Hippo Whisperer
The Hotel Manager
The Pilot
The Submarine Engineer
The Vanisher
Torres Piombo
Mumbai [9]:
Gregory Arthur
Kharisma Haasan
Rima Shah
The Barber
The Holy Man
The Kashmirian
The Laundry Foreman
The Movie Director
The Tailor
Whittleton Creek [27]:
All 11 Undercovered Agents
Charles Blake III
Gunther Mueller
Helen West
James Batty
Mr. And Mrs. Wilson
Nelson Lafayette
Politician's Assistant
Real Estate Broker
Sheriff Masterson
Spencer “The Hammer” Green
The Exterminator
The Female Server
The Jogger
The Mailman
The Plumber
Isle of Sgail [18]:
All 4 Entertainers
All 3 Initiates
Amos Dexter
Blake Nathaniel
Jason Portman
Master of Ceremonies
Muriel Mortensen (The Embalmer)
The Original 5
New York [10]:
All 2 Bank Robbers
Fabian Mann
Frank Winkelman
Logan Jackson (Fired Staff)
Mateo Pérez
Ruby Red
Sebastien Mattson (Janitor near you when start as a janitor, image from Kevin Rudd)
The Job Applicant
Tim Weimer (Receptionist)
Haven [12]:
Captain Rutherford
Chaos Agent 45
Dr. Singh
Hilde Sorbetto (Dr. Singh‘s mistress)
Jack 9mm
Jason Portman
Mike Thompson (The Bodyguard)
Personal Trainer
Snorkel Instructor
The Butler
The Male Masseur
Dubai [16]:
All 2 Ingram’s Bodyguards
All 2 Kitchen Staffs
Cindy Burns (Staff Manager)
Cornelia Stuyvesant
The Journalist
Lucy Phillips
Kelly To (Yellow Dress Woman)
Omar Al-Ghazali
Richard Voltaire (Art Critic)
Sebastian Sato
The Famous Chef
The Naked Guard
The Pilot
Zana “The Vulture” Kazemi
Dartmoor [10]:
All 5 Carlisles
Aron Ford Jr.
Mr. Fernsby
Phinas Whitmer
The Photographer
The Undertaker
Berlin [20]:
All 4 DJs
All 10 ICA Agents
Icalandic Party Guy
The Dealer
The Deliverer
Florida Man
Rolf Hirschmüller
Udo Wurtz (The Picker)
Chongqing [7]:
All 3 Test Subjects
Angus Pritchard
Chen Ting
He Hou (Mumbling Homeless Guy)
Xiao Ming
Mendoza [18]:
All 2 Chefs
All 6 Heralds
Aron Ford Jr.
Corvo Black
Dexy Barat
Gabriel Vargas
Heidi Santoro
Juan Cortázar
Kenneth Flower
Pam Kingsley
The Reporter
Valentina Yates

Redacted and Notex for RPKG Tool
grappigegovert for ORES Editor
Kevin Rudd for his ansel shot