Hitman 2
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The Second ET takes Place in Sapienza. The Targets are Maurice Konsandro, a former Movie Producer and Alan, a corrupt Cop, who used to break Bones for the famous Loan Shark Damek Mcgarret, also known as Silverfish.

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Good Evening, Agent 47. Your Destination is the once again the small Coastaltown Sapienza, in Italy. Your Targets are Maurice Konsandro, a former Finish Movie Producer who responsible for a major Accident on the Set of his last Movie The Moon Never Shines, costing 4 People Crew Members their Lives and paralyizing one, a young Man by the name of Shen Aina from the neck down, only because Konsandro was too greedy to spend enough Money on Good Props. After the Incident, Konsandro flew to avoid arrest and managed to hide pretty good, until his Live Style draw him back to Movie Business in Sapienza, as the Head of the SFX Crew La'Avventura Pictures, where Shen's Sister recognized him and decided to place a Hit on him, as Revenge for the Fate of her Brother. Your Second Target is a Policeman, only known by the name of Alan. Who, according to the Middleman of our second Client, had worked for a Loan Shark by the name of Damek McGregor a few Years prior. So, Two Targets with a Dark Past on a well attended Movie Set. Good Luck, 47

Target(s): Maurice Konsandro
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