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Makes the last level of the Hawke's Bay Halloween Escalation playable in Offline mode. Adds difficulties to it.

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Due to multiple requests, I have created a mod which makes Level 3 of The Mills Reverie playable in offline mode.

I'm not sure why a bunch of people wanted specifically this escalation offline, I can't imagine you'd get that much play time out of it for if you found yourself with no server connection for a period of time, but whatever; now you people can stop asking in the comments of all my mods.

This mission takes the slot of A Silver Tongue Special Assignment, so if for some reason you want to play that offline then you'll need to disable this mod.

Some things to note:
  • This is only level three of the escalation, deal with it
  • This version adds difficulties for the sake of it; please note Master difficulty will add cameras but no way to erase evidence!
Please let me know if anything in either of the difficulties is wrong or not working, I didn't playtest it very much.

This is my last offline mode request, as everything else has been done except other escalations (Which aren't as big as this one and aren't worth converting), and ETs which are difficult to do and I'd be sued for doing anyway if I succeeded

Just a reminder that this content comes free with the H2 demo (Starter pack)