Hitman 2
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The Second ET takes place in New York.

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**The Deserter**
Target(s): Apur Jikutu aka The Deserter
Other Objectives:
. Retrive Jikutu’s Letter Bomb
Location: New York

Good Morning, Agent 47.

Your Destination is the Milton-Fitzpatrick Bank in New York, United States. Your Target is Investment
Banker Apur Jikutu. He plans to detonate the Letter Bomb hidden somewhere in a Locker near the vault. Once he detonated the Bomb, he wants to use the confusion to crash the Stock Market in favor of his desired New Employer Herwig Tyler, Head of a Competitor of the Milton-Fitzpatrick Bank. Our client, Private Businessman  Jeyfos Friedman who owns a lot of Shares in the Milton-Fitzpatrick Bank has found out about Jikutu's Plan and contracted the ICA to eliminate Jikutu and retrieve the Letter Bomb.

Good Luck, 47