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This mod replaces the H2 menu with the classic red HitmanTM Season 1 (2016) menu and MrMike's S1 Menu music

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Howdy folks, this is my first HitmanTM 2 mod; I thought other people might prefer the red 2016 menu so I put it in.

- Replaces menu music with the Season 1 menu music, thanks to MrMike and Notex (If you want to just replace music without changing menu and loading screen, you can find his individual mod here)

- Title screen with an alternative/unused red 2016 background
- Menu background with the classic red 2016 background
- Loading screen with classic red 2016 loading screen video (Version 1.1)
- Menu music with 2016 menu music (Version 1.2, taken from MrMike's menu music mod, or MMMMM for short)


Place the file in Steam\steamapps\common\HITMAN2\Runtime and rename it so it looks like this: "chunk0patchX.rpkg" with the X being the next consecutive number of what you have (e.g. chunk0patch5.rpkg, chunk0patch6.rpkg etc.).

Edited up-to-date packagedefinition.txt needed. See this post if you need more information or the tool to do it for you