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Adds FOV slider to Video Settings of the Pause Menu, because devs forgot it.

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UPDATE: the mod is now obsolete and has no use anymore.
Devs finally added a proper FOV-slider into the game! (Official patch-notes)

Devs didn't add the FOV slider? no problem, here's a simple mod that will add a dedicated slider directly into the Video Settings panel of the Pause Menu.
(Mod will become obsolete once the devs actually add it, obviously)

  • ´╗┐Download the FovSlider_P.pak and extract it(the pak file) into "..´╗┐\HighOnLife\Oregon\Content\Paks\".
  • Launch the game, open the modmenu(F1), type in "fovslider" and press Enter to confirm.
  • Click Escape to pause the game, go to Settings -> Video settings, scroll down and set your desirable fov value.

Once initially setup, the fov will be loaded automatically.