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Increases to player health, health regen items, health granting perks.

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Life regeneration items changed to apply 35x the healing. Combining the insoles with the heptagram will net you 1.05 health per second.

Maximum health is increased to 500 base Health. Each life upgrade gives 10x the health (first aid gives 100 for example).

1.1 Update

Stimms were previously reduced max health to 1, now they do not reduce max health at all.


1) Extract the archive to a folder. It will contain  readme.txt, the content of which you're reading right now, and a folder Hellsign_Data, which contains a folder, Managed, which contains a file, called Assembly-CSharp.Dll. 

2) Turn off Steams game file integrity check.

3) Navigate to your Hellsign folder. You should see Hellsign_Data folder there.

4) Put the modded folder into your game folder. It should prompt you to overwrite a file once. Do that.

5) ???

6) Profit.


Method A)
Turn back on Steams  game file integrity check. Check game integrity. It should return one file that failed to validate, and will autodownload it for you, purging the modded file. You're done.

Method B)
Manually delete the Assembly-CSharp.dll file in your Hellsign_data/Managed/ folder. Check game integrity. It will redownload.

Method C)
If your copy is not a Steam copy, then you must use this. Either delete, and reinstall the entire game, or you were smart enough to make a backup of your Assembly-CSharp.dll, and you can just replace the modded one with the original.