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I've been a console player my whole life (form about 6-17) and I like RPGs in general. I've only really liked TES and Fallout despite dabbling in the Mass Effect series and other genres (almost every one) I played TES III-V and FO3 on console without any DLCs and loved them. I was introduced to PC gaming and modding with FNV + DLCs and am currently playing heavily modded Oblivion (with all the DLC's, yay!) and plan to play Morrowind, Fallout 3, FNV, FO4, & Skyrim with all their DLC's and best mods, in that order. That should keep me busy until TESVI. :smile:


I love Nexus Mods and the modding community and greatly appreciate the time and effort and money that our benevolent mod authors have put in for our enjoyment. On March 3st, 2019 I bought Nexus Mods Lifetime Premium to show my support and love for all modders and that most honorable site that hosts their mods!

Additionally, I like to do voice acting for whoever needs it in the modding community. I dislike having to turn on my subtitles and would like to lessen the burden on all by donating my amateur voice to the cause of voiced mods. I've already done a couple of projects, including Desert Rangers- Frontier for FNV and Curse of Akavir - Phoe for Skyrim (still unreleased). I won't cuss for you, though. Clean & cream. I know, not the most asked-for feature in a voice actor, but what can I say. I'm a Christian.

Besides that, I play TES and Fallout and whatever good RPGs come my way, but will occasionally enjoy a good linear "game" as a break from RPGs.

And I'm Brother-of-Pon

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