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Changes Wart's secret quest to a repeatable quest that rewards nicely.

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After a ton of frustration of not being able to get a trainer up and working to get a reasonable boost to my skill, stats, and cash  I
created a mod inspired by one of the post's I saw here.

What the mod does:

Wart's secret (2nd quest from starter town)  after completing will award the following:

50 attribute points
10 skill points

It's repeatable.     Don't abuse this too much or it will really make the game a lot less fun.

Just extract the 2 files to the data folder.

delete the 2 files.

Possible conflicts:
Any other mod that changes quests may/may issues.  I don't run any other mods, so I don't know.

The Reanimation team for the nifty prog and I can't find the forum post that clued me in for quest 56.   

This is the VERY first time I've ever attempted a mod for a game,  but I've tested it for several days and can def say it works.

Anyways, thanks for checking it out.

Regarding STEAM:

From all the feed back I've been getting,  It seems the steamed version is a different incarnate all together, I don't have a copy of the steamed version and I have the old CD version.  It seems they did something very weird with the code and my mod doesn't seem to want to play nice with it.

I'm not entirely sure how to change this mode as it was written with a program called Reanimate.  Very technical tool that allows huge game play changes. This tool of course is setup to work on the original copy.  Now I've read that Hellgate did exist as a game run by another company who riddled hellgate online with micro transactions and newer content. If I was to take a wild guess, I'd assume they also did a lot of changes to the game that weren't built in the original release.

How those changes affect Reanimate is unknown.  Without changes to both Reanimate and knowing what the changes in steam are so I can change the appropriate quest flags,  I am am not advanced enough in modding to make an update.  For now, I'll rename the mod to include Non-Steam.

Sorry folks!