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This mod changes a lot of the vanilla Hellgate London gameplay.

Permissions and credits
My thanks goes to the team that developed the revival luncher and made modding for this game possible.

Feature List:

- skill overhaul (new skills, skill changes)
- changes to monster ai
- exponentially more difficult towards end game
- far more loot from monsters and chests
- more cash from secret passages
- pets have been improved by a huge margin (some powerful pets can get all affixes of the game)
- new and powerful monster affixes --> more diversity and action vs heavy boss monsters to avoid boredom
- fixed some broken skills (like spellstorm and spectral strike for warper --> now really powerful)
- dye kits in vanilla game
- very rare legendary monsters with huge treasures
- Sydonai is now really powerful - take care
- sped up some very annoying quests to make the gameplay more fluid
- quests give more rewards (far more xp and cash)
- new monster spawns in vanilla, also different monster spawns (again to avoid boredom and to generate unpredictable danger)
- some monsters are now really dangerous but give far more xp than in vanilla (risk - reward)
- changes to energy shield behaviour and item scaling (shields are far more powerful vs all monsters - eliminated natural shield overload)
- changed a lot of weapons to the better