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Update - 21st November. Forums are once again live. Please post any forum-related feedback here.

The Forums will be going down for extended maintenance on Monday 13th November. This downtime is likely to extend until Tuesday 21st November.

After 20 years in existence, the forums are getting an update. While some planned changes will affect the forums visually and functionally, most of this work is on the back-end, to uncouple the forums from a variety of connected services. 

This update not only allows for a new, feature-rich forum; It also means the main website will be less reliant on the forums, making them more robust and secure.

We’ll start the upgrade on Monday 13th November and aim to finish on Friday 17th November. (Update: this downtime is likely to extend until Tuesday 21st Nov. The data migration is complete, but we have several setup tasks to complete and some teething issues to iron out).

During this time the forum will be inaccessible, some functionality on Nexus Mods will stop working and will instead link to our status page where you can get updates on our progress.

It's a mass migration

A colossal amount of data exists within the current forums (about 26 million posts), much of which is modding discussion but also large numbers of comment reports, file reports and other website content. Our aim is to keep all of this content available and in a readable form, hence the lengthy downtime.

There’s much historic content to preserve, from the first ban, the first post locked for trying to boost post count and early discussion on the forum design. All from 2003.

What will change?

The forums will move from a very old version of Invision Board, to the current Invision Community forum version 4. This means improved security, more features, a design facelift and more intuitive structure.

Behind the scenes a lot of services that were managed by the forums have been uncoupled and rebuilt. For example our avatars service, which is now a stand-alone service, will no longer be managed by the forums.

Other features connected to the forums will also be impacted:

The 'Friends' feature will be removed from the main Nexus Mods website and you will need to visit the new forums to use it.

During the downtime messaging will be unavailable, but will return when the new forum version goes live.

Forum content
During the downtime the forums will not be accessible. You will not be able to view forum posts, profiles, or other forum content.

Some Links removed

Links to some content visible in the forum are being removed, this includes posts on mods, images, videos, articles, etc. The actual post content itself is not being removed and will still be visible on Nexus Mods, you’ll just no longer be able to also view it in the forum.
Our plan is to move to a new comment system, which can already be seen working in collections. This will be the format used across the site. We will update you about this further as it is rolled out.

Changes to some deep-links
Some links to game-specific sub-forums on Nexus Mods are being replaced with more generic links to the forum homepage. This is because we’re restructuring the forums to close some smaller unused sub-forums. Larger game communities will continue to have their own dedicated sub-forum.

Invoice Data
Any old invoice data held on the forums has been securely migrated to the billing page, where you can view the rest of your invoices.

Forum info displayed on website
Various forum-related links and information are being removed from the Nexus Mods website. For example, on user profiles you’ll no longer see a count of topics or posts. **Updated - Kudos will be remaining as a feature.

Will the old forum content be lost?

No, historic content will still be available, and none of the forum content will be lost. Years of community support, discussion, walk-throughs and guides will remain available. Keeping this treasure trove of information available has been a key priority.

This is a work in progress
The new forums will stand alone as an entity, enabling us to add new features independently from other connected site services. This will be an iterative process with new functionality, structural improvements and visual changes being added over time. Your feedback will be incredibly valuable during this period, as the forums are a community tool.

The new forums will also support and enable other planned projects such as Community Champions and more relevant modding content, tutorials and wiki content.

In Conclusion

After 4 days of downtime the forums will return in an updated form. There WILL be some quirkiness and missing features. We will be working to quickly bring them up to speed.

We are investing in building our forum community. While a lot of modding discussion moves to other platforms such as Discord, we see the Nexus Mods forums as the heart of long-term problem-solving, sharing and learning for the wider modding community. This update will allow us to begin better supporting and empowering new and seasoned modders alike.


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  1. Demorphic
    • Community Manager
    • 44 kudos
    The forums are once again live.

    Please post any feedback / issues / bugs that you encounter into this thread.

    16.55 UTC: Migration of all existing forum data is complete. We still have some outstanding tasks and several teething issues meaning uncertainty in putting things live. The planned live date is now Tuesday 21st November.

    If there’s one thing we have learnt, it is to not put new features live before a weekend. We have made the call to delay full access to the forums until early next week. Apologies for the additional delay.

    16th November 2023
    1626 GMT System migration is complete. We are finalising our launch schedule.
    0935 GMT Data migration tasks are complete. We are entering the final phase of the migration.

    15th November 2023
    2205 GMT Phase two of the migration is on the final tasks and continues to go according to plan.
    1045 GMT Phase two of the migration is nearing completion. We're on track to perform the final migration tasks on Thursday.

    14th November 2023
    2204 GMT Phase two of the migration proceeding according to plan.
    0850 GMT Phase one of the migration completed successfully. Phase two is proceeding according to plan.

    13th November 2023
    2322 GMT Migration is proceeding according to plan.
    0930 GMT Maintenance started to migrate the forums.
  2. DangerousChicken12
    • supporter
    • 180 kudos
    Will all our former "Friends" be added to our "Followers" list once upgrade is done, or do we have to start all over again and add each person that used to be in the old "Friends" list we had, all over again, that is a lot of remembering and reaching out to reconnect. 
    1. Sonja
      • member
      • 181 kudos
      I'd love to know this as well....
  3. PegasusKoga
    • supporter
    • 16 kudos
    Question, how do i get to the forum page of a mod so i can use the Search function now?

    It used to be a simple button press but that is now missing.  All i have left is the Add Comment button and it has made troubleshooting for building my new Oblivion load order... less than optimal.
    1. laclongquan
      • supporter
      • 35 kudos
      Second This.

      Search in forum thread of that mod is a very very useful feature. Sometimes you want to search for certain data without wading through 100 pages of post. Example, you want to search for the black screen issue of a mod, you search black in that thread and there shall be a lot revelant result. Search for THAT in game's forum is going to be less than useless.

      Disable this function mean we are going to be reuse google specific command on site url. Do you Nexus guys like getting more google specific search? I dont think you need for seo for this at this time around~
    2. Wolfpack49
      • premium
      • 298 kudos
      +1 please bring back the link to the mod's forum thread or add full thread search on the Posts tab.
    3. Sonja
      • member
      • 181 kudos
      Gods yes...Please, please, please provide some kind of search function! Plenty of us would rather search through a mod's pages over either sifting through hundreds of comments, or hassling mod authors with questions they must be seriously sick of answering by now. I mentioned this before a couple of times, and received no reply from Nexus, so I'm reiterating it here, again.
  4. tikamin557
    • member
    • 185 kudos
    Is it a specification that changes made to my profile in the forum are not reflected in the About Me section of my user page?
    Where can I access the About Me page to make changes?
    1. Aen9ine
      • member
      • 1 kudos
      I second this question.
    2. RavenKZP
      • premium
      • 121 kudos
    3. Billyfighter
      • premium
      • 72 kudos
      Has this been fixed yet?
  5. MarinaHyde
    • premium
    • 178 kudos
    I‘m confused - why can’t we write private messages or use the forum tab at a mod author‘s thread to search for something?
  6. ilyasols
    • supporter
    • 2 kudos
    how do you search comments on a mod's page now?
    1. ThisUsernameIs2long
      • member
      • 4 kudos
      You don't.
  7. JobiWanUK
    • premium
    • 260 kudos
    Please tell me that you've not taken away the facility to search posts on a mod's comment pages? We used to be able to click on 'view forum thread' then search for keywords which was invaluable for looking for answers.

    Apologies if this has been mentioned already. I'd search the posts, but ....well, ya know.

    Massive backwards step in this 'improvement' if this is permanent.
  8. PegasusKoga
    • supporter
    • 16 kudos
    How do i troubleshoot mods now? 

    I can't find a way to get to the forum page of the mod and use the search box like i did for years to troubleshoot stuff, i only have a button to "Add Comment".
  9. vachnic
    • premium
    • 10 kudos
    I would post on the thread you linked to, but apparently I am not a forum member any more? So I can't comment on that thread. I clicked on the button to be (paraphrasing) "admitted as a new user" and awaiting an email so I can log in.

    I do hope this means my conversations are still there when I am able to log in again?!
  10. LenaWolfBravil
    • member
    • 66 kudos
    In the old forums, when you hovered your mouse over a user's handle, it opened a popup about that user. That included some useful information, such as when that user was last seen online. Is this feature expected to return? Because with the new forums nothing happens when you hover over a user's handle, and the information of when they were last online, is not available even if you click to see their profile.

    EDIT: Never mind, it works but you have to hover over the icon, not the handle.
  11. tkiller
    • supporter
    • 7 kudos
    No translators (neither in-browser, nor extensions) work on collection pages.
    1. AugustaCalidia
      • premium
      • 10 kudos
      Using Firefox and a Google Translate extension, I have no problem translating Collection pages.
    2. showler
      • supporter
      • 34 kudos
      Edge built-in translate works fine.
    3. tkiller
      • supporter
      • 7 kudos
      It's weird. I have Cent and Vivaldi with built-in translators + https://github.com/FilipePS/Traduzir-paginas-web don't translate, but Firefox with the same extension does
    4. Kakashi2016
      • premium
      • 0 kudos
      Vivaldi is great but weird...
    5. lykosfx
      • member
      • 2 kudos
      Bom dia!

      Eu estou com o mesmo problema...

      Eu não consigo traduzir a “página de comentários” com o Google Tradutor, como fica essa situação para as pessoas que não seguem o idioma inglês?

      Eu estou usando o Browser Brave.

      Obrigado pela sua atenção.


      Good morning!

      I have the same problem...

      I can't translate the “comments page” with Google Translate, what does this situation look like for people who don't speak English?

      I am using Browser Brave.

      Thank you for your attention
    6. showler
      • supporter
      • 34 kudos
      Brave is an unsupported and thoroughly problematic browser.
    7. cyan49
      • premium
      • 46 kudos
      If it makes sense to list it here, I'm using Chrome and Google Translate doesn't work on collection pages. I'm not interested in collections but I don't like this issue coming to the forum.
    8. showler
      • supporter
      • 34 kudos
      Does it not translate the entire page or is it the selection opening in a new google translate window that's not working?