Halo Wars: Definitive Edition
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This is a unique twist on Halo Wars that adds new unit types, mechanics, and factions.

Permissions and credits
Super Units---------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Cutter: Eradicator (Still in development)
- This Spartan wields a minigun that shoots armor-piercing rounds and has the vulture barrage.
-Limit 3 on map (Same population mechanic as Spartans and Temple)
-Costs 1500 Supplies
-Costs 4 Tech Level
-Can be built in fully upgraded base. (Top slot)

Forge: Decimator (Still in development)
- A beefed up Grizzly that has explosive rounds in place of its minigun, an energy shield
-Limit 1 on map
-Costs 2000 Supplies
-Costs 4 Tech Level
-Can be built in fully upgraded base. (Top slot)

Anders: Devastator (Still in development)
- A prototype air unit that fuses UNSC armor-piercing rounds, Covenant plasma-based weaponry, and the UNSC Vulture into a weapon of pure destruction.
-Limit 1 on map
-Costs 3000 Supplies
-Costs 4 Tech Level
-Can be built in fully upgraded base. (Top slot)


Arbiter: Infiltrator (Still in development)
- A specialized honor guard that has the capability to hijack vehicles and air crafts (excluding other super and uber units.) 
-Limit 6 on map
-Costs 500 Supplies
-Costs 2 Tech Level
-Can be built in fully upgraded base. (Top slot)

Brute Chieftain: Obliterator (Still in development)
-A modified locust that shoot tracking plasma bombs to heavily counter air units. Its beam attack is best suited for anti-infantry.
-Limit 3 on map
-Costs 1000 Supplies
-Costs 3 Tech Level
-Can be built in fully upgraded base. (Top slot)

Prophet: Annihilator (Still in development)
-This banshee's plasma cannon is replaced with a rapid-fire fuel rod cannon that tracks units. (best suited for countering vehicles and buildings)
-Limit 3 on map
-Costs 1500 Supplies
-Costs 3 Tech Level
-Can be built in fully upgraded base. (Top slot)

Extra Factions----------------------------

Flood: Consumer (Still in development)
-A buffed up thrasher form that can infect units with melee attacks. Can use its ability to throw a highly infectious flood spore at its foes.
-Limit 3 on map
-Costs 1000 Supplies
-Costs 2 Tech Level
-Can be built in fully upgraded base. (Top Slot)

Forerunner: Destroyer (Still in development)
-A modified super sentinel that instead shoot high damage rockets that EMP their targets. Can use ability to shoot a much more powerful rocket that has greater AOE range.
- Limit 3 on map
-Costs 1500 Supplies
-Costs 3 Tech Level
-Can be built in fully upgraded base (Top Slot)

ONI: ONI Elephant (Still in development)
-An elephant that uses gauss cannons in place of its machine guns with high AOE range. Can lock down to utilize a M850 Grizzly Cannon.
-Limit 1 on map
-Costs 2000 Supplies
-Costs 4 Tech Level
-Can be built in fully upgraded base (Top Slot)

Forerunner Faction (Still in Development)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
-Can train aggressor and super sentinels from main structure
-Can train commander sentinel from Research Facility that can lock down and train aggressors.
-Can train Destroyer Sentinel - A modified super sentinel that shoots tracking EMP rockets.
-Can train protector sentinels from the Protector Plant
-Can build Supply Elevator
-Can build Primary Reactor
-Can build Research Facility
-Can build Protector Plant
-Can build a Research Facility that acts as a temple mixed with a field armory
-Can upgrade supply pads globally via the Research Facility (Economy Upgrades Tier 1-3)
-Can upgrade building health/damage via the Research Facility (Defense Upgrades Tier 1-3)
-Can get reinforcements upgrade via the Research Facility (Reinforcements Upgrades Tier 1-3)
-Can upgrade train time for all sentinel units via the Research Facility (Production Upgrades Tier 1-3)
-Can build constructor sentinel from protector plant that can only build cover currently

Flood Faction (Still in Development)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
-Can infect all units EXCEPT AIR UNITS
-Can train infection forms out of main base
-Can access 2nd page of main base (has to be a flood hive)
-Can release Spore Clouds from main base to infect anything except air units
-Can upgrade unit speed (Devour Tier 1-3)
-Can upgrade population (Biomass Tier 1-3)
-Can build den and nest (flood barracks and airpad respectively)
-Can build flood root that takes the place of a turret
-Can train the Consumer - A buffed thrasher form that can infect units.
-Can train infection forms and carrier forms out of flood den
-Can train swarms and bombers out of flood nest
-Tech upgrade mechanic works the same as the covenant, except bases act as temples.
-Tech upgrade system works as follows:
-Coordinated Stage:
-Allows for a proto-gravemind
-Increaes tech level by 1
-Interstellar Stage:
-Gain access to all level 1 UNSC Leader Powers
-Increases tech level by 1
-Can build proto-gravemind that allows the player to train most of the infected variants of unsc and covenant units.

ONI Faction (Still in Development)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
-Can train ONI Elephant - A specialized elephant that replaces the 3 main guns with gauss cannons. Uses a Grizzly cannon when locked down. Grizzly cannon can also target air units.
-Increased ODST drop cost
-New infantry types such as medics and engineers
-New spartans such as the sniper, shotgun, and laser
-Can build the Viper - a plasma rhino that uses the cobra lockdown turret for heavy damage against vehicles and buildings
-Can build the Hyaena - a heavy anti-air vehicle that can lockdown to utilize more rocket pods
-Can train the medic - A special odst that has an assault rifle and can heal infantry forces. Can be upgraded to use a special protector sentinel that provides a passive shield.
-Can train the engineer - An odst that has a shotgun and can heal vehicles. Can be upgraded to have an offensive protector sentinel.
-Can train the ONI Pelican - A powerful pelican that can transport up to 6 infantry squads. Has a powerful explosive machine gun on the nose that is great against heavy vehicles and bases. (Will add upgrades and tweaking)
-Can train the ONI Scorpion - A Scorpion that has higher damage and AOE range on its main cannon. (Will add upgrades and tweaking)

Shipmaster (VERY EARLY in Development)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
-Just a test so far
-Will have hybrid unsc and covenant units as well as new leader powers when I get a better grasp of triggerscripts