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THIS MAY STUFF YOUR FPS! Now that warning is over let's get into what this is. This is a set of reshade presets for Halo MCC, it includes a preset for each game too. The main focus of this is too improve on the games in MCC and try to alter the actual remasters to feel like the originals.

Permissions and credits
For Halo CE Anniversary I added RTGI (I also did this for them all) and HDR to darken the image to capture what the original CE tried to. Along with this I desaturated the image to help match the original, as well as DELC sharpening and SMAA to improve the image quality. Some missions may look weird but to fix those missions I would have to tweak it in a way that doesn't capture the classic look and feel, especially on 343 Guilty Spark and The Library.
Halo 2 Anniversary I toned down the colours a little for a more realistic look that also matched the original better. I added HDR, DELC sharpening and SMAA again to make it nicer looking, with the HDR being less dark in this game (and every other except for ODST and CEA).
Halo 3 got slightly tweaked colours to make it look nicer, and other than that nothing else.
Halo 3 ODST is darker once again to make Mombassa streets, well, darker but I didn't over do it so the other missions looked nice, this time though, I didn't change the colours.
For Halo Reach I only slightly saturated some colours a small bit so it makes the game look nicer without looking like a playground, as well as some light darkening.
Halo 4 I made shinier and made the colour palette more vibrant to match the feel I got while playing.
I will be updating this a lot to perfect the looks so expect a lot.