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A mod for Halo 3: ODST that drastically improves the AI in the game, both friendly and enemy. It also changes and rebalances the sandbox and other elements. All among other things. Covers the entire Halo 3: ODST campaign and Firefight experiences.

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ODST: Inferno
By: King Feraligatr
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What this mod is about:
ODST: Inferno is a remake and a rebranding of my old mod ODST: Feet First into Hell using the official mod tools. With these tools, I’ve been able to do things that where a pain or just nigh impossible beforehand. I can also support Firefight to a much better degree than before, which was rather problematic before.

Now, what exactly is ODST: Inferno you may ask? ODST: Inferno is a mod that covers the entire Halo 3: ODST campaign and Firefight experiences. AI, both friendly and enemy, has been improved and are generally more competent. Honestly, this is a huge part of the mod and where a lot of my effort went into. The Brutes are much more threatening and competent, being much more able and willing to chase you down. Your allies are much better at keeping themselves alive and being less of a nuisance --- they’ll actually look like they’re trying. The Flood, while only in Firefight, have be made quite a bit more threatening and durable. In general, all actors have more varied behavior and should appear to be trying more.

But that’s just AI… what else has changed? The sandbox has been changed and rebalanced. “Reviver allies” will assist you on the first four flashback missions and in Firefight (if you have boons on). Covenant in the campaign can wield human weapons. Some encounters have been tweaked, added, or restored. Some continuity issues have been addressed. And Firefight has been expanded upon and has some new surprises. Among other things. All without being the craziest on the changes.

I hope you get the same enjoyment I do from this mod. I learned more things about Halo modding, especially in the Halo 3 era. Some of which I can use in my Halo 3 mod (which is bigger in scope). It was one hell of a ride. But now it’s time to drop into hell, Trooper. I’ll see you on the streets of New Mombasa.

Recommended difficulty (and the one I playtested/balanced for): Legendary

Summary of Changes:
(Includes changes from ODST: Feet First into Hell, not just this release of the mod.)

General AI/Actor changes:
⦁    AI across the board have been generally made more competent and capable.
⦁    Are are more consistent per individual actor but are more varied across the entirety of the cast.
⦁    AI generally reach their max allowed difficulty accuracy and aggression faster on lower difficulties.
⦁    AI no longer get scaled projectile velocity per difficulty.
⦁    All actors have their own perception properties to help diversify how they see you. Some can even see you in darkness. :)
⦁    AI generally have better and more varied search properties.
⦁    AI don't have to stay stationary when using the Wraith or Scorpion.
⦁    AI weapon usage changed to better suit the changed weapons (when needed).
⦁    AI do more damage to each other in general.
⦁    AI fire the Brute Shot less aggressively. (Though Brute Captains are more accurate with it.)
⦁    Etc.

Enemy AI/Actor Changes:

⦁    Enemies no longer do extra damage on Legendary. Instead they shall rely on their better health, AI, weapon usage, and numbers to beat you.
⦁    Enemies do a bit more damage on Easy.
⦁    AI no longer have more health or do more damage in Firefight than in campaign. They are consistent across both modes.
⦁    Fixed the scaled enemy recharge globals so they work properly.
⦁    Other global difficulty changes to generally make things a bit bit harder, especially on lower difficulties.
⦁    Some Covenant can wield human weapons in the campaign.
⦁    Etc.

⦁    Brutes, as the primary enemy, have been massively improved. They’re more aggressive, use some weapons better, generally have more health, strafe around more, throw grenades farther and faster, search better, board better, etc. They’re also more diversified in behavior per rank.
⦁    Infantry Brutes are the baseline Brute and represent to core of what many Brutes do. They’re aggressive and pretty tough. While they may not be the most tactically inclined Brute, they’re certainly not dumb. They have a will to live.
⦁    Jumppacker Brutes combine their jumppacks with even more general aggression over the infantry. They actually gain health as they rank up (instead of all ranks having the same health). The Brutes with the best boarding properties.
⦁    Brute Stalkers can hunt and chase you down from farther away. They have the largest search distances and can see in darkness. Beware.
⦁    Brute Bodyguards emulate the Captains, but in lesser form. They’re more reserved and the least likely to chase you down. However, kill their Chieftain (or other leader) and they’ll still charge you down. They share increased firing ranges with some weapons with the Captains, but unlike their superiors, they carry Firebomb Grenades.
⦁    Captains are certainly a more tactically inclined Brute. They’re more likely to cover or keep their distance than most of their lower ranked brethren. Their AI in general is better across the board from lower ranks. But don’t mistake their more tactical and reserved nature for weakness, they’re still a Brute, and will still charge you down if provoked.
⦁    Chieftains are even better than Captains, and more durable to boot. Their shields are on par with a Captain Ultra now, and while they have lost body health compared on higher difficulties compared to vanilla, their better AI should help compensate. They’re also capable of throwing grenades, meaning they should be more rounded and less of sitting ducks.
⦁    Regular Chieftains are more proficient with their Gravity Hammers and are a bit more aggressive. Their ability to throw grenades makes them not a sitting duck if you outrange them, but just in case, they’re less likely to just want to stand around if you’re just shooting them from afar.
⦁    War Chieftains prefer to stay back more like a Captain, using their heavy weapons from behind their packmates. However, they’re still proficient melee fighters if given the chance. They’re also the only Brute who’ll pull out a weapon if they berserk. In their case, a Spiker.
⦁    Grunts gain better AI and confidence as they rank up. Most ranks will throw their grenades farther. Ultras won’t, but they already had a far vanilla distance. And speaking abut Ultras, their AI has been modified to match a more Halo 3 era environment.
⦁    Grunt Heavies can overcharge their Plasma Pistols and are the most aggressive Grunts with grenades.
⦁    Jackals, like Grunts, gain better AI as they rank up. They can fire most of their weapons a bit further away than most of their allies. Infantry Jackals can now flee if their leader dies, but no Jackal will flee forever now.
⦁    Drones will gain a bit better AI as they rank up. They also use the same better boarding properties of the Minors, instead of the higher ranks using the inferior Halo 2 values.
⦁    Hunters have more health and are generally more durable. They are, however, able to now be damaged by the Machine Gun Turret and Needler. The Needler’s needles can trigger a supercombine on them.
⦁    Hunters are generally more aggressive in melee combat and both types can lead their weapons slightly. They’re also a bit more evasive.
⦁    Engineers can see in darkness.
⦁    Elites (Firefight only) have two ranks added to their roster: the Ultra and the Zealot. Elites have had their health changed, mostly leaning to overall more durable. Their AI is also much better and gets better as they rank up. Much less of a joke than before.
⦁    Elites use the animations from Byzantine is Roman. Much thanks to him for fixing up and expanding their animations!
⦁    Elite Minors and Majors will pull out a Plasma Pistol when berserking. Elite Ultras, SpecOps, and Zealots will pull out Energy Swords.
⦁    Elite Minors are the most tactically inept Elite, but are still an Elite. They’re still a threat.
⦁    Elite Majors are an improvement over the Minors. They have more of a will to live and are more tactically inclined. They’re also more durable.
⦁    Elite Ultras are the pinnacle of standard Elite infantry. Boasting superior AI and durability over Majors, they are certainly a force to be reckoned with. And if you get too close to them, they’ll pull out an Energy Sword.
⦁    SpecOps Elites now come in a black coloration in the vein of Halo 1 and are an improvement over even the Ultras. They boast the usual superior durability and AI that comes with a higher Elite rank, but they are also the only Elite rank that can see in darkness and throw grenades. While they may be the least likely to berserk, they’ll still pull out a Sword if you get too close.
⦁    Elite Zealots are the best of the best of the Elites, and the most ferocious and dangerous. While they generally don’t start with one, Zealots, like Ultras and SpecOps, will pull out a Sword if you get too close. And while they’re already pretty durable, they’re now capable of using Invincibility like a regular Chieftain. Beware!
⦁    Etc.

Forerunners (Firefight only):
⦁    Sentinels have more body and shield health, can see in darkness, are worth more points, and can fire their weapons from farther away.
⦁    Etc.

Flood: (Firefight only):
⦁    The Flood in general are more varied and threatening than before. And are more willing to chase you down (except Ranged and Stalker Forms, of course). All Flood forms can see in darkness.
⦁    No Flood form can be oneshot with headshots, but most have a weakpoint where they take 1.75x bonus damage from most precision weapons (besides sniper weapons). The dot that would normally appear for headshots will instead show this weakpoint.
⦁    Flood have been both blessed and cursed by global damage table changes. Generally, what was very effective against them is less so, but what they where resistant to they are less so as well.
⦁    Flood still take bonus damage from melee, but much less now. Use more power melees if you want that old "bang" back.
⦁    Flood now take bonus damage from explosions. They also take bonus damage from the Needler's needles.
⦁    Some touchups done on Infection Form AI.
⦁    Carrier Forms are less durable on higher difficulties, but are more likely to want to chase after you. I tried to make them a bit faster, but I don’t know if that worked.
⦁    Stalker Forms are much less durable, but more likely to want to punch you if you get close. How they choose which form to morph into should be a bit better.
⦁    Ranged Forms are much less durable as to be less cancerous, but have gotten slight upgrades to how they shoot at targets.
⦁    Tank Forms are more durable and are better at chasing you down.
⦁    Combat Forms are more varied in health and behavior per type and infected species. Weapon handling is also more varied across these lines as well. While their weapon usage is generally better, they also have minimum errors on all their firing patterns.
⦁    Flood Combat Form minimum firing distance on explosive weapons decreased. Let’s see if they’re more like the suicidal Halo 1 Flood. >:)
⦁    Elite Zealot and Brute Chieftain Combat Forms have been introduced. They can be gained from any fallen Zealot or Chieftain, or rarely spawn in certain wave types in later rounds. Both are more aggressive and durable than their baselines and can use Invincibility.
⦁    Brute Combat Forms are the most aggressive Combat Form and have the most melee damage. They also have the most body health. However, they have the least sense of sense of self-preservation and tactics. Shortest range on Combat Form weapon usage and have medium accuracy/aggression.
⦁    Elite Combat Forms are median in terms of aggression and melee damage, but are still more aggressive than vanilla. Shielded, they have the most overall health of the Combat Forms. Median aggression and tactical inclination. Medium range on Combat Form weapon usage but have the least aggression/accuracy.
⦁    Human Combat Forms are the least aggressive and most fragile of the Flood as well as having the least melee damage, however they’re still more durable than vanilla. Have the greatest sense of self-preservation and tactics of the Combat Forms. Have the largest ranges of Combat Form weapon usage and are the most accurate/aggressive.
⦁    Etc.

Friendly AI/Actor Changes:

⦁    Generally much better at keeping themselves alive and more competent in combat in general.
⦁    Generally better than enemies at keeping themselves alive.
⦁    Greater presence of “reviver allies”, in both the campaign and Firefight. See their section for more details.
⦁    Cannot trade with outright unkillable friendlies like Alpha-9. Revivers are not subject to this and can be traded with.
⦁    Firefight allies generally have more health than campaign allies.
⦁    Have a greater minimum firing distance on the Rocket Launcher so they hopefully blow themselves up less (this also extends to non-Flood enemies).
⦁    Etc.

⦁    Humans have less health than the base game. However, some of the low health scripts from the base game have been removed. And they can still take a respectable amount of damage. And as mentioned before, they’re better at keeping themselves alive.
⦁    Marines are more of “cover whores” and like to minimize their time in danger after firing. They strafe around more and are more likely to evade grenades and other dangers.
⦁    Marine competency with grenades increased with increased throwing range. They’re also less likely to throw them near friendlies.
⦁    Greater presence of female Marines than before, both alive and dead.
⦁    Cop AI improved from the base game, but they’re not as smart as the Marines. Still, that’s relative and they’re better at keeping themselves alive than before.
⦁    ODST/Alpha-9 AI further improved over the Marines’. They can see in darkness and their self-preservation AI is better than before. Grenade usage is also better.
⦁    As stated before, cannot trade weapons with Alpha-9. However, they use all weapons better to compensate.
⦁    Buck is much better on a turret on Coastal Highway.
⦁    Etc.


⦁    “Vergil”/Quick to Adjust has much better self-preservation AI and can fully regenerate body health. Not a reviver and you still have to protect it, but should be even less of hassle than before (if it was ever a problem). This AI also extends to the Engineer ally you can get in Firefight, minus the full body health regeneration.
⦁    Elite allies (Firefight only) use similar AI to the enemy Elites, only better in most areas. The only area they’re not better in is in aggression with certain weapons. Otherwise, they’re better at keeping themselves alive and have a bit more health than the enemy versions. Allied SpecOps Elites are also less likely to throw grenades near friendlies.
⦁    Etc.

Reviver Allies:
⦁    Reviver allies are allies like Johnson and the Arbiter in Halo 3 that can go down if they take too much damage and will get back up if the enemies around them are gone. They can also teleport ahead if they fall behind/out of bounds.
⦁    Reviver allies drop less ammo for power weapons and their “backup” weapon (the weapon they’ll pull out if there’s no weapon around for them to pick up). Revivers who can throw grenades won’t drop any.
⦁    The reviver allies in the campaign only appear in the first 4 flashback mission are just generic Marines and Cops. Their “backup” weapon is always the Assault Rifle. There’s generally 1-2 per every encounter with allies. Some levels let you build up small “armies” of revivers. (Technically Alpha-9 is also set up to use this system, but their constant outright immortality stops them from going down.)
⦁    Firefight grants a reviver ally on all maps but Chasm 10 with boons on. There’s 4 possible revivers, which are hard set per map. There are 3 Elites and one ODST. All of these revivers come from my indev Halo 3 mod and represent a person’s basic wish of how they desired to be represented ingame.
⦁    Firefight revivers all have a “specialization” weapon that they use a bit better than other weapons. You can tell what it is because they always initially spawn with it.
⦁    Firefight revivers won’t follow you through the map like the generic Firefight allies. Instead they’ll hold down the general “base” area.
⦁    Etc.

Player Changes:
⦁    Player health decreased a bit to make the lower difficulties harder and to work with Legendary no longer granting enemies any extra damage over Heroic. Player body health material also is a bit less resistant to certain weapons than vanilla. In exchange for all of this, the player gets 25% health regeneration (though never above that) that kicks in more slowly than stamina regeneration.
⦁    Player melee damage generally decreased a bit across the board. The exceptions are the Brute Shot, Energy Sword, and Gravity Hammer. The former two have gained more melee damage.
⦁    No more annoying beeping at low health.
⦁    Etc.

Weapon Changes:

⦁    Bullet/shotgun/spike type weapons generally do more damage to energy shields, generally doing 70% damage to them instead of vanilla’s 50%. The exceptions will be noted below.
⦁    There is no more “spike” damage on damage effects. Instead, that damage and their radius have been transferred to an impact damage. This should make the damage more “proper”.
⦁    Lots of global damage table changes. Too much to detail.
⦁    Etc.

⦁    The Automag has less max spread and a bit more red recticle range (or RRR).
⦁    The Silenced SMG has less max spread and more RRR. It can now carry 8 total magazines instead of 5. Bullet damage increased a bit. Its ammo economy is better as well.
⦁    The Assault Rifle has faster projectiles (half the velocity of the SSMG’s) and the bullets do more damage. Minimum spread increased, but max spread decreased. Its ammo economy is better as well.
⦁    The Battle Rifle (usable in Firefight only) has been reworked a bit. It now fires slower and has damage reduction vs. shields (doing 60% damage vs. them). However, its min and max spreads have been decreased and has a 3x scope instead of a 2x one. The projectiles are also a bit faster.
⦁    The Shotgun has less total magazines (from 6 to 5) and starts with one less. Its damage, accuracy, RRR, range, and maximum effective range have all been increased though. It also properly does bonus damage vs. the Flood.
⦁    The Sniper Rifle has less total magazines (from 6 to 5). It also has a worse ammo economy overall. It also only does 60% damage to energy shields (more to Elite shields, which tend to be quite strong). All of this counteracts the damage buff it got in base ODST. However, it now has its own damage type that allows it to damage targets it used to not be able to, among other things.
⦁    The Rocket Launcher has a bit more minimum velocity on its rockets (they speed up over time).
⦁    The Spartan Laser has no changes besides having AI only dropping charge for one shot remaining now.
⦁    The Machine Gun Turret does 60% damage to energy shields and has its own damage type now. One that allows it to damage Hunters.
⦁    The Flamethrower has a greater range.
⦁    The Missile Pod missiles do a bit more minimum damage.
⦁    The Frag Grenade has a greater maximum damage radius and a bit more maximum range on the total damage radius.

⦁    The Plasma Pistol has had its refire rate changed so you can spam fire it better. The standard shot damage has been increased along with its RRR. However, it has less total standard shots (500 to 400), a slightly worse magnetism angle, and a slightly lower projectile velocity.  AI have had their damage reduced to get more vanilla damage values out of them. (Thanks to Byzantine is Roman for the idea of what to do with this weapon.)
⦁    The PP’s overcharge shot consumes a bit more battery (11% from 10%) but can now do body damage to targets and can force a stun on them.
⦁    Needler needle impact damage increased. Needles that detonate with supercombine do slight damage, stalling regeneration. Supercombine AoE damage increased. Needles can damage and stick into Hunter armor, eventually triggering a supercombine. AI do less damage with the weapon to get more Halo 3 levels of damage from them. Needles do bonus damage vs. the Flood.
⦁    The Brute Plasma Rifle has more RRR and a bit more projectile velocity. It has a bit more ammo economy
⦁    The regular Plasma Rifle (Firefight only) is still the exact same as the BPR, receiving the same changes it did.
⦁    The Spiker has been reworked. It now fires in bursts of 4 with a tight spread. While the spikes are individually less damaging, the greater accuracy and ammo capacity make up for it. The spikes have a greater velocity and while they still slow down over time, it’s never as slow or as harsh as vanilla. The Spiker can now carry 8 total magazines, from 4, and has more RRR. It also has more ammo economy. The player melee damage type is now of the “cutting” type. (Thanks to Byzantine is Roman for the basic idea for the weapon.)
⦁    Carbine damage reduced back to Halo 3 levels. Bungie buffed the weapon’s damage in ODST, making it stupidly overpowered.
⦁    Mauler has been reworked. It has less range than before (like almost none) and less ammo economy. However, its RoF has been massively increased and can empty its magazine in about a second. It also does slightly more damage per shot than the Shotgun.  The player melee damage type is now of the “cutting” type.
⦁    Brute Shot ammo economy improved a bit and has a bit more RRR and range. Player melee damage increased. The explosion has a bit more force.
⦁    Beam Rifle max shots decreased (from 20 to 16) and it has less ammo economy. However, it does a bit more damage to “thinner” energy shields (not something like a Jackal’s. More like a Brute’s) and has its own damage type, allowing it to damage targets it used to not be able to, among other things.
⦁    Fuel Rod Gun has less total magazines (from 6 to 4) and less ammo economy. It does a bit more max damage and has a bit more minimum projectile velocity.
⦁    The Gravity Hammer has less max swings (from 20 to 16).
⦁    The Energy Sword (Firefight only) does more melee damage from all sources.
⦁    Plasma Turret damage penalty vs. Hunters eased up considerably (along with other things that use its damage type).
⦁    Plasma Grenades do a bit more attached damage and can disable vehicles.
⦁    Spike Grenades do less attached damage, but the spikes themselves are more potent. They can bounce around more, do more damage, are faster, and can even headshot at rare times.
⦁    Firebomb Grenades don’t do any bonus damage to Brute Chieftains and do a bit less damage to player body health.

⦁    The Sentinel Beam has more RRR, damage, and shots (~334 → ~375). AI have had their damage reduced with it to do around the same amount as vanilla.

Vehicle Changes:

⦁    All drivable vehicles will transfer less damage to passengers. The max that can be transferred is 50%. Drivers are unaffected.
⦁    Etc.

⦁    The Scorpion’s main cannon has a slightly longer refire time (same as the Wraith’s now, instead of a bit faster).
⦁    The Hornet’s (Firefight only) rockets have a longer refire rate and the machine gun bullets have less projectile velocity.
⦁    Etc.

⦁    The Ghost’s projectiles have a bit more velocity.
⦁    The Chopper’s projectiles do a bit more damage (more than ODST’s nerfed amount, but less than Halo 3.).
⦁    The Wraith’s gunner turret does slightly more damage.
⦁    The AA Wraith’s projectiles speed up over time and are generally faster. The projectiles do a bit more minimum damage.
⦁    The Shade has faster projectiles that do more damage. The turret itself can regenerate some health like other vehicles.
⦁    The Scarab’s AI can see in darkness and can fire its weapons a bit faster on higher difficulties. The death explosion’s damage and force have been increased.
⦁    Etc.

Campaign Level Changes:

⦁    As mentioned before, some Covenant can wield human weapons and you’ve reviver allies on the first 4 flashback levels. Also as mentioned before, there’s more female Marines present, both alive and dead.
⦁    Some changes to global squad templates.
⦁    Made some consistency changes, which are detailed in their own section.
⦁    Starting ammo counts changed to work with changed max ammo reserves.
⦁    Respawn loadouts give less ammo for the guns you respawn with. And less grenades as well.
⦁    Etc.

Mombasa Streets:
⦁    Greater variety in dead bodies throughout the level. Marine and police sergeants and the added Elite ranks are included.
⦁    Etc.

Tayari Plaza:
⦁    When playing in order, this is the first level in which Covenant will start using human weapons (they’ll use it on Mombasa Streets afterwards if doing a campaign start from Prepare to Drop).
⦁    The Marines in the level no longer have their health dropped to nothing via scripts.
⦁    Greater variety in dead bodies throughout the level. The added Elite ranks are included.
⦁    Buck starts with more spare ammo in his Assault Rifle.
⦁    1 reviver ally on the level.
⦁    Etc.

Uplift Reserve:
⦁    Added a Hunter pair at the grav lift site.
⦁    Added some Brute Stalkers and Jackal Snipers at the location of the second platoon.
⦁    A few more enemies wield FRGs at the end.
⦁    Restored a cut squad.
⦁    Greater variety in dead bodies throughout the level.
⦁    4 reviver allies on the level.
⦁    Etc.

Kizingo Boulevard:
⦁    Two Hunter pairs appear on the level.
⦁    Restored some cut squads, both enemy and allied.
⦁    More enemies wield FRGs.
⦁    3 total reviver allies on the level.
⦁    Etc.

ONI Alpha Site:
⦁    Added some Brute Stalkers to the initial lobby fight.
⦁    Reviver allies aren’t hit with low health scripts as much.
⦁    Allies further fall back when they tell you to go inside the buidling.
⦁    4 total reviver allies on the level.
⦁    Etc.

⦁    Restored some cut Drone squads in the ending fight. They will be deployed via Phantom in the later stages.
⦁    The Brute Bodyguards now wield Carbines.
⦁    Greater variety in dead bodies throughout the level.
⦁    Etc.

Kikowani Station:
⦁    Two Hunters appear by the Scarab (on foot).
⦁    The Scarab crew has two more Grunts and all of the crew are Ultras.
⦁    Greater variety in dead bodies throughout the level.
⦁    Buck starts with more spare ammo in his Assault Rifle.
⦁    Etc.

Data Hive:
⦁    A Hunter pair appears before the entrance to the Superintendent’s lair.
⦁    The Brutes near the Chieftain in that area are now Bodyguards. One has a Carbine and another has a Brute Shot.
⦁    Greater variety in dead bodies throughout the level.
⦁    Etc.

Coastal Highway:

⦁    Keeping most changes to this level a secret. :)
⦁    Buck is much better on a turret on this level, as stated before. He and Dare can also shoot while saying script dialogue now.
⦁    Greater variety in dead bodies throughout the level.
⦁    Etc.

Firefight Level Changes:

⦁    Changed most of the global wave and squad Firefight templates to be a bit more diverse (when needed) and to add in my new enemies.
⦁    All maps have AI allies with boons enabled. All but one have a reviver ally with boons on.
⦁    Enemy AI no longer get more health and damage in Firefight over campaign, as mentioned before.
⦁    Adjusted default spawn and respawn loadouts to work with changed ammo counts.
⦁    Etc.

Alpha Site:
⦁    Added generic allies: Cops.
⦁    Reviver ally: Elite Ultra King Feraligatr

Chasm Ten:

⦁    Added generic allies: SpecOps Elites and an Engineer.
⦁    Reviver ally: none

⦁    Added daytime generic allies: Marines
⦁    Daytime reviver ally: Elite Major GreppiM
⦁    Nighttime reviver ally: ODST Markel

Last Exit:
⦁    Added generic allies: Marines
⦁    Reviver ally: Elite Ultra Vengeful ‘Vadam

Lost Platoon:
⦁    Reviver ally: ODST Markel

Rally Point:
⦁    Added daytime generic allies: Marines
⦁    Daytime reviver ally: Elite Ultra Vengeful ‘Vadam
⦁    Nighttime reviver ally: Elite Ultra King Feraligatr

Security Zone:
⦁    Reviver ally: Elite Major GreppiM

⦁    Reviver ally: Elite Ultra King Feraligatr

Consistency Changes/Bug Fixes:

⦁    Marine melee cone fixed so they actually do damage consistently when meleeing. (Thanks to Byzantine is Roman for this fix.)
⦁    Elites now have an actual melee damage type instead having none.
⦁    Plasma Grenade arming sound fixed so it sounds correctly with ODST’s longer fuse time. (Thanks to Greenknight for this fix).
⦁    Humans can now actually fire the Sniper Rifle.
⦁    As mentioned before, the Shotgun actually does bonus damage vs. the Flood.
⦁    Etc.

Kizingo Boulevard:
⦁    There’s now a Marine Sergeant at the start to match the cutscene.
⦁    Etc.

⦁    Dutch and Mickey have SSMGs holstered on their hips. They won’t use them, but still…
⦁    The Cop who assists you at the end has a Battle Rifle like the cutscene. This is the one campaign appearance of the BR and you cannot get it from him. :)
⦁    Etc.

Kikowani Station:
⦁    Made the pilot of one of the friendly Phantom squads actually be Mickey (like the rest of them).
⦁    Etc.

Coastal Highway:
⦁    Buck now always starts with an Assault Rifle at all rally points. He started with an SSMG at one…
⦁    The person driving the Oliphant is actually Dare and not some random ODST.
⦁    The ODSTs in the friendly Phantom are actually Mickey, Dutch, and Romeo with SSMGs. Before they used to be generic ODSTs with Carbines.
⦁    Etc.

Misc. Changes:

⦁    I have reworked the Tilt damage table. Damage penalties are no longer so harsh and damage bonuses are more pronounced. I have also decided to “exaggerate” some common conceptions of Halo in it. Bullet/shotgun/spike type weapons do extra damage to flesh and less to shields. Reverse with plasma/energy weapons. These are just a few examples.
⦁    Etc.

Might have been some other changes I missed/forgot. And yes, while this already a long readme, this is the shorter version...

(Only the latest version's changelog will be here. Check the documents for more complete ones.)
2.1 Changes:
Enemy AI/Actor Changes:

⦁    Covenant can fire the Rocket Launcher as far as the AI could in base in Halo 3. Allied AI unaffected.
⦁    Covenant proficiency with human weapons slightly decreased.
⦁    Brute Infantry, Jumppackers, and Captains gain slight AI improvements as they rank up.
⦁    Regular Chieftains now have a bit more health than War Chieftains.
⦁    Elite AI modified to be allowed to go into cover sooner, dodge grenades a bit more, and have less time between melee attacks.
⦁    Zealots have a bit more body and shield health.
⦁    Etc.

⦁    Sentinel health reduced to Halo 2 levels (still more than base Halo 3’s health). Weapon leading toned down a bit (still better than vanilla, where there was none here).
⦁    Etc.

⦁    Zealot Combat Form shield health increased to remain on par of being 75% of the uninfected Zealot’s.
⦁    Zealot Combat Forms actually appear correctly.
⦁    Etc.

Allied AI/Actor Changes:

⦁    Allied Elite AI got similar AI buffs as the enemy ones. Exceptions are grenade dodge chances and time to decide to go into cover, which where already much better (and still are better).
⦁    Etc.

Reviver Allies:
⦁    Reviver ODST Markel got a slight health increase.

Weapon Changes:

⦁    Assault Rifle minimum error decreased a bit.
⦁    Shotgun maximum and minimum effective ranges increased back to what they where in v1.3 of the mod. I decreased it in 2.0 to work with the damage buff, but I guess it made the weapon not so great. :(
⦁    Etc.

⦁    Spiker minimum error decreased slightly.
⦁    Mauler damage slightly increased.
⦁    Etc.

Campaign Level Changes:
Tayari Plaza:

⦁    Player 1 and 2 start with 2 more rockets at all rally points but the last.
⦁    Etc.

ONI Alpha Site:
⦁    The Brute Stalkers in the lobby fight now only appear on Legendary. On lower difficulties, they’re lower ranking Brutes (works better with their objective is at that part and how I edited it.).
⦁    Etc.

Consistency Changes/Bug Fixes:

⦁    Fixed a bug of mine where Zealot Flood Combat Forms didn’t appear correctly and just appeared as a standard Elite Combat Form. They’re now their proper gold.
⦁    Etc.

Rally Point:
⦁    The turrets and Marines will properly respawn every round on the daytime version.
⦁    Removed an erroneous firing area from the reviver Elite’s objective on the daytime version.
⦁    Etc.

All campaign levels are included in this mod, even the cutscene ones. Even though I didn't edit the cutscene levels, I'm still including them so you can have a full experience with this mod (though they are optional). Due to the nature of how Firefight works in ODST (the FF maps are literally the campaign maps repurposed), you don’t have to download separate maps for Firefight. You get the full experience in 9 levels.

Now, as for actually installing this mod:
1.    Backup all your vanilla ODST maps. Extremely important if you want to play the vanilla campaign and/or do Firefight matchmaking in ODST.
2.    Extract all the maps included in the main archive to your ODST maps folder.
3.    (Optional) Extract the maps in the cutscene map archive to your ODST maps folder as well, if you want.
4.    Load up MCC with Easy Anti Cheat off. Standard fare stuff.
5.    Enjoy the mod. Again, I recommend Legendary for the best experience.

When you feel like playing vanilla, playing another ODST mod, and/or are just done with the mod, I recommend you follow these steps:
1.    (Optional) Backup all this mod's maps to another folder for latter use.
2.    Restore all your backed up ODST maps from before. Overwrite all maps in the current ODST maps directory. Put high emphasis on the "all" if you want to go back to vanilla.
3.    Enjoy that experience.

You are free to use anything from this mod at your discretion without asking me for permission.

You are free to make your own versions of this mod and upload them at your discretion without asking me for permission.

You are free to use the ideas from this mod as you wish without asking me for permission.

You are free to look at this mod's internals as you wish without asking me for permission.

You are free to edit this mod for personal use as you wish without asking me for permission.

If you do any of this, credit me and those who’ve helped me. Only condition.

TLDR; this mod is basically free use and you don't have to inform me that you're doing things with it and don’t have to get my permission to use if for your own ends. My only condition is that you credit me and those who’ve helped me if you do so (basically credit those I credited in the credits section below.).

Musings and Miscellaneous:
Well, for a mod on the simpler side, this still took two months to remake and expand on. While it was fun to work on, I’m just glad to finally be done with this 2.0 release. It’s taken longer than I wanted. And this readme was a pain to write. I just want it to be over.

What’s next for me then? Well, I have a Halo 3 mod in the works that I put on hiatus to remake this one. Its name is Yet Another Halo 3 Revamp, or YAH3R. I don’t know when it’ll be done, but I plan to pick it back up soon after completing this release. It’s a mod bigger in scope than this mod. I also released my Halo 1 mod a few months ago, but that’s for Custom Edition with Open Sauce. I also mod other games --- Divinity: Original Sin 2 currently. So yeah.

Thank you for reading this long ass readme and I hope you decide to play it. :)

On the name change:
Now why the name change/rebranding, you may ask? Well, I don’t feel my old name was doing the mod any favors in terms of clarity, recognition, ease of mentioning, or publicity. It had some thematic appropriateness, but just didn’t seem to “click” with others. With me remaking the mod with official mod tools, I thought it was a prime time to change the name. ODST: Inferno sounds a bit generic, I admit, but it’s still cool sounding in my opinion. And it still fits thematically in a sense and keeps the idea of having a “hell” theming in the mod’s name. And what might be that connection? Dante’s Inferno, which ODST has some connection to via structuring, story, etc. Don’t believe me? Look it up. Anyways, that’s enough for this section.


⦁    GreppiM
⦁    Kavawuvi
⦁    Silentgamer64
⦁    Dex
⦁    Markel
⦁    The Fluffies
⦁    Everyone who played my submitted map for the Open Carnage map contest.
⦁    Etc.

Special Thanks:
⦁    My playtesters
⦁    Byzantine is Roman
⦁    Markel
⦁    Crisp
⦁    The Fluffies
⦁    TheKaiserOfChaos
⦁    Greenknight
⦁    AStickTree
⦁    Rosy
⦁    xM
⦁    IIIJohnIII
⦁    Lord Zedd/Assembly Team
⦁    Gravemind2401/Reclaimer Team
⦁    Halo Modding Reclaimers Discord
⦁    H2O Discord
⦁    Halo Haven Discord
⦁    Open Carnage
⦁    Halo Mods Discord
⦁    Dopeh Orange (old mod name suggestion)
⦁    Halopedia
⦁    Bungie
⦁    343 Industries
⦁    Saber Interactive
⦁    Microsoft
⦁    You, the player. :) Or just for reading here in the readme.
⦁    Etc.

People represented in the Firefight reviver ally cast:
⦁    TheVengeful’Vadam (Steel colored Elite Ultra who specializes in Needlers.)
⦁    GreppiM (Differently colored Elite Major who specializes in blue Plasma Rifles.)
⦁    Markel (Purple striped female ODST who specializes in Assault Rifles.)
⦁    Myself (Assault armor clad Elite Ultra who specializes in Carbines.)