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Rather simple mod for Halo 3: ODST that changes the AI and a few weapons. Brutes are more scary and less viable weapons have been buffed and/or given new niches. Among other things.

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What this mod is about:
This mod is a rather simple mod for Halo 3: ODST to bring it more to what I'd like it to be. The base game is solid, one of the best games in the franchise (behind H1 and 3) in my opinion. However, as with many games I like, I'd like to edit it closer to my liking. This mod is a result of that. And, well, a result of me wanting to actually release something in my lifetime. So yeah.

This mod primarily edits the AI. Halo's AI system is pretty fun to mess around with, so making a mod that's primarily concerned with editing them was nice. I've been messing around with Halo's AI on Halo 1 for years before MCC PC --- the latter's release has been a prime opportunity to screw around with the other games' AI (even if H1 has the best AI in practice...). Of particular AI note in this mod are the Brutes: they are more aggressive, more alert, move around more, throw grenades faster, have more distinct behaviors by rank, etc. I hope they give you a nice fight from time to time. :)

Of course, I only said this mod is primarily about AI. Using that key word, well, you can of course deduce that there's more changes than merely AI... you would be correct in that assumption. Weapons that weren't so great in the base game have been buffed or changed in functionality to have different niches. On the converse, weapons that where too good have had nerfs. Something I consider necessary, I'm afraid. Still, the weapon lineup on a while shouldn't be too drastically changed as to no longer resemble the base game's. I wanted to keep things rather simple, after all.

Fundamentally, as I've said, I didn't want to change up the base game too much with this mod --- just make it more to my liking. Don't expect a drastically different game with this mod, just one that's a bit different. And it's not necessarily a "better" game than the base one, just a bit different (how many times must I repeat myself?...). While there's other changes that I didn't summarize above, I hope this is a good enough primer to this mod. I hope you have fun. See you in hell.

Recommended difficulty (and the one I playtested/balanced for): Legendary

Summarization of Changes (full changes in readme in the archive):
  • AI behavior is more consistent.
  • All actor types have their own perception properties.
  • Brutes are more aggressive, move around more, more alert, throw grenades better, board better, better at dodging grenades, etc.
  • Infantry, Jumppack, and Stalker Brutes are the most aggressive in chasing you down.
  • Bodyguard Brutes are the least aggressive in charging you down and now carry Firebombs.
  • Captains are more competent than baseline Brutes and while they don't chase you down as much, they are better in many other areas.
  • Chieftains are even more competent than Captains and can now throw grenades.
  • Captain and Jumppack health revised to be consistent.
  • Grunts are more consistent in their behavior, including kamikaze behavior. They can throw grenades farther as well. They also have a bit more varied and consistent behavior through the ranks.
  • Grunt Ultra properties have been brought in line to a Halo 3 environment.
  • Grunt Heavies can charge Plasma Pistols.
  • Jackal behavior has been made more consistent and a bit more varied through the ranks. Standard fare stuff for this mod. They can see and hear you from farther away, no longer flee forever, etc.
  • Infantry Jackals can rarely flee in their leader dies.
  • All Drones use the same boarding behavior.
  • Hunters are generally more aggressive and have more health. Like base Halo 3 era Hunters, sticky grenades are your friends vs. them.
  • Engineers can see in darkness.
  • Can no longer trade weapons with immortal allies like the ODST squad. Can't cheese encounters with them anymore. :)
  • Allied AI is more defensive and generally a bit better at keeping themselves alive.
  • Marines have lower health, but are generally more competent. They move around more in combat, throw grenades better, dodge more, etc.
  • Marine melee cone fixed.
  • Marine Sergeant health properties brought to the Halo 3 era. Their health has been increased.
  • Cop AI has been improved, but is not as good as the Marines'.
  • Reviver allies are a thing. These are allies like the Arbiter or Sergeant Johnson in Halo 3. They will revive when the enemies near them are gone or dead and cannot permanently be put down. Only appear in the first 4 flashback missions. Generally about 1-2 per major encounter with allies.
  • ODST squad uses weapons better to compensate for the lack of weapon trading with them. Generally have better AI than Marines.
  • Buck is more useful on a turret on Coastal Highway.
  • "Vergil" can now fully regenerate health and is better at taking cover and retreating. Is not immortal or a reviver though. Still have to escort it and keep it alive. Same with the Oliphant. Should be easier to do now though.
  • AI projectile velocity no longer scales by difficulty. It's 1.0 for each one.
  • Handheld bullet/shotgun weapons (including the Machine Gun Turret) now do 70% damage vs. standard energy shields instead of 50%. Exception is the Sniper Rifle.
  • Assault Rifle's projectile velocity has been increased to be half of the SSMG's.
  • Battle Rifle now gets the reduced damage vs. shields.
  • AI should be able to fire the Sniper Rifle now.
  • Shotgun has more range and more effective range. It has less spread as well. Max magazine capacity decreased by 1 though (now has 24 spare shells). AI behavior has been changed to better use the weapon with its changes.
  • AI max firing distance with the Rocket Launcher increased. Minimum firing distance increased --- hopefully they blow themselves up less.
  • Plasma Pistol standard shot damage increased. Standard shot damage degradation eased. Fire recovery time decreased. To compensate for these changes, projectile velocity and magnetism have been slightly decreased. The standard shot consumes more battery (same as the PR does) and AI have had their damage with it reduced to get more vanilla damage rates back from them.
  • Plasma Rifle damage degradation eased.
  • Carbine damage reduced (seriously, this thing was busted in the base game...). AI fire it in longer bursts to compensate.
  • Spiker has been reworked to be a 4 round burst weapon. Projectile velocity has been increased and can now carry one extra magazine (160 spare spikes now). Max range decreased to match other weapons like it and damage per spike reduced. AI drop more ammo for the weapon and have had their behavior with it changed to better it use its changes.
  • Mauler's fire recovery time majorly reduced: should now be able empty a mag in about a second. Damage increased to match the Shotgun's. Max range and max effective ranges decreased (it has little). AI drop less ammo for the weapon and have had their behavior with it changed to better it use its changes.
  • AI with the Brute Shot drop slightly more ammo for it.
  • Fuel Rod Gun carries one less spare magazine (20 spare fuel rods now). AI drop less ammo for it.
  • No more beeping at low health. It annoyed me.
  • Etc.

This mod is built on maps from when ODST was originally released on PC. As such, it needs extra supplementary maps from that time to be played with (at the time of writing) the current update (the Halo 4 one). While I have noticed no issues with it since the update, do note that possible issues might occur. I might remake this mod eventually on more up to date ODST maps, but for now, this'll have to do.

All campaign levels are included in this mod, even the cutscene ones. Even though I didn't edit the cutscene levels, I'm still including them so you can have a full experience with this mod (since the updated ODST maps with the Halo 4 update won't work with this mod). Also, due to the nature of how Firefight works in ODST (the FF maps are literally the campaign maps repurposed), Firefight is covered by this mod. While I did my balancing and most of my playtesting for campaign, you can try your luck in Firefight with this mod's changes if you so choose. Good luck with that.

Now, as for actually installing this mod:
1.    Backup all your vanilla ODST maps. Extremely important if you want to play the vanilla campaign and/or do Firefight matchmaking in ODST.
2.    Extract all the maps included in the archive in your ODST maps folder. Even shared.map and campaign.map. Without those, the mod cannot even be loaded.
3.    Load up MCC with Easy Anti Cheat off. Standard fare stuff.
4.    Enjoy the mod. Again, I recommend Legendary for the best experience.

When you feel like playing vanilla, playing another ODST mod, and/or are just done with the mod, I recommend you follow these steps:
1.    (Optional) Backup all this mod's maps to another folder for latter use.
2.    Restore all your backed up ODST maps from before. Overwrite all maps in the current ODST maps directory. Put high emphasis on the "all" if you want to go back to vanilla.
3.    Enjoy that experience.

You are free to use anything from this mod at your discretion without asking me for permission.

You are free to make your own versions of this mod and upload them at your discretion without asking me for permission.

You are free to use the ideas from this mod as you wish without asking me for permission.

You are free to look at this mod's internals as you wish without asking me for permission.

You are free to edit this mod for personal use as you wish without asking me for permission.

If you do any of this, credit me and those who helped me. Only condition.

TLDR; this mod is basically free use and you don't have to inform me that you're doing things with it or get my permission to use if for your own use. My only condition is that you credit me and those who helped me if you do so (basically credit those I credited in the section below.).

Musings and Miscellaneous:
While this mod is a rather simple one and didn't take a mountain of time or effort to make, I still had a fun time making it. It really helped me appreciate ODST more and learn the Halo 3 engine better (even if ODST's is changed a bit from H3's). It also gave me a pretty fun gaming experience as a result and some quite scary enemies in my Brutes. I hope you can get enjoyment out of this mod as well.

I am also working on mods for Halo Custom Edition (my original Halo modding grounds) and Halo 3. Said mods are more featured, have more changes, have a bigger scope, etc. than this ODST mod. My work on this mod certainly helped me me with my knowledge of Halo 3 (as I said) and I certainly plan to use that knowledge in my Halo 3 mod. As for when these mods will come out, who knows? I'm lazy and work slow. Don't expect them anytime soon. So sorry about that. :/

⦁    dr. oldboi
⦁    Kavawuvi
⦁    Silentgamer64
⦁    Dex

Special Thanks:
⦁    Lord Zedd/Assembly Team
⦁    My playtesters
⦁    Byzantine is Roman
⦁    H2O Discord
⦁    Halo Mods Discord
⦁    Dopeh Orange (mod name suggestion)
⦁    Halopedia
⦁    Bungie
⦁    343 Industries
⦁    Microsoft
⦁    You, the player. :) Or just for reading here in the readme.