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This mod modifies or overhauls everything in the game from enemy colors and encounters to new AI, weapons, mechanics, third person, and much more.

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This is a work in progress file that is subject to change. The rest of the campaign is in progress.

Made to be played on legendary difficulty.
If you enjoyed using this mod please consider donating to my paypal @ [email protected] so I can continue to work on this mod and finish the rest of the campaign.

Some of the things this mod changes:

- New AI including friendly grunts, furious jackal, furious brute, furious hunter, furious grunt, ODST leader, elites, and ODST sniper.

- New weapons including the furious plasma pistol, shard rifle, plasma launcher, brute plasma rifle, furious hunter cannon, DMR, anti-air shade turret, anti -infantry brute prowler weapon, and plasma slicer rifle.

- New mechanics including the ability for any weapon to do headshot damage to a brute but not an insta-kill headshot. Upon shield break brute captains will now switch to use a gravity hammer. Furious brute will constantly berserk and does increased melee damage. Player melee no longer stuns brutes so they better have low health when you hit them. Weapons of higher caliber like the DMR and sniper completely ignore shields and do damage straight to an enemy's health. Weapons not depending on accuracy and don't have the ability to zoom are now in third person. Many more mechanics changes have been introduced and you'll notice and discover them as you play.

- Brutes are now the true replacement for the elites as an enemy. They no longer are easily stunned, there shields and health are much stronger, they have increased melee damage, they use a lot more weapons, there colors and ranks have been overhauled so you can now clearly tell the difference between who you're about to fight and each rank is stronger than the last and will go berserk less.

- Plasma pistol overcharged bolt will no longer just EMP targets. In addition to the EMP it also deals heavy damage and can one shot grunts or deal major damage to an enemy. 

- Jackals are no longer as easily stunned. However this change is balanced out by the fact that all weapon types can now deal damage to their shield and destroy it to make them flee and be easily killed.

- Every weapon, enemy, and ally has been balanced to fit nicely in the sandbox and not be too overpowered.

- Enemy encounters have been changed, new encounters have been added. Ally spawns have also been changed and elites and grunts have been added to the level like they should have been from the start. This helps the game feel new and interesting.

- Quality of life changes have been made such as weapon firing sounds for the assault rifle, spiker, and ghost. The ghost also received a better impact effect to make it feel and look more impactful.

A lot of changes have been made to the game and these are just some of the biggest but I hope you enjoy experiencing the rest of the changes I made.