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This mod attempts to change up the gameplay of the Halo 4 campaign by fixing the bullet-spongy enemies, lack of ammo for human weapons and disappointing Forerunner weapons. The graphics are also adjusted to reduce the lens flares and bloom, giving the game a slightly darker but cleaner look.

Permissions and credits
Enemy changes
Reduced and balanced Elite shield strength
Reduced and balanced Grunt health between ranks
Reduced and balanced Jackal health
Reduced Knight shield strength (I attempted to disable teleporting but nothing I tried worked)
Greatly reduced the Watcher shield strength and health
Reduced Crawler health by half

Weapon changes
More ammo capacity for all human weapons, the Needler, Carbine & Scattershot
All weapon viewmodels are adjusted to be lower and less intrusive on-screen
Plasma damage does more damage to vehicles (Banshees can actually be taken down in a timely manner now)

Pulse grenade is now viable, much more powerful, dissolves everything it touches and does EMP damage (very dangerous for you and enemies)
Boltshot bolts do more damage, have more range and are now considered plasma damage
Boltshot charged blast is now viable; more damage, charges slightly faster, has a longer range, always stuns and does EMP + plasma damage
Lightrifle does slightly more damage and can dissolve enemies with a zoomed-in headshot
Suppressor is now viable; has less maximum spread and fires two projectiles per shot, but does slightly less damage per projectile
Scattershot fires 9 projectiles per shot, with each projectile lasting longer and considered plasma damage
Binary Rifle bolts dissolve dead bodies

Plasma Pistol only uses 1% energy per shot and charges a little quicker
Plasma Pistol charge shot uses less energy while holding, does damage to enemies and vehicles and is slightly slowed down
Storm Rifle now fires faster and is good at overwhelming weaker and unshielded enemies, but must be kept in check to keep from overheating
Fuel Rod Cannon projectiles no longer bounce
Needle projectiles are slightly slowed down

Shotgun has a much better range
Saw LMG has a higher spread, bullets do slightly less damage
Assault Rifle has a slightly higher spread, so it's not a precision weapon anymore but can still hit targets at a distance
Rocket Launcher tracks onto flying targets instantly
Sticky Detonator grenades have a larger explosion radius

Vehicle changes
Changed Banshee sound to Phantom turbine sound (way quieter but overall less annoying than vanilla)
You can look straight up and down in Banshees
Banshee bomb takes less time to recharge and has more aim assist
Scorpion is a little faster, cannon takes less time to recharge
Pelican chaingun no longer heats up
Pelican laser does twice as much damage
Mantis rockets are faster, do much more damage and take less time to charge up
Phantoms have less health and are easier to take down with the Scorpion and the Mantis

Equipment changes
You can sprint indefinitely
You can carry 3 of each grenade
Your shield begins recharging sooner but charges a little slower, taking the same total time to recharge as vanilla
Jetpack uses slightly less energy while active
Hardlight shield no longer slows you down and you can sprint with it
Active Camo now fully cloaks you but uses more energy; the fake blips that appear on the radar while using Camo are also disabled
Autoturret projectiles deal twice as much damage and are considered plasma

Graphics changes
Reduced exposure range on all scenes
Reduced bloom to minimum
Disabled most godrays
Disabled many lens flare effects
Reduced screen effects when killing Watchers or Crawlers
Disabled screen effect during Ghost escape sequence on Forerunner

Misc. changes
Exploding barrels/coils have greatly reduced health and a larger explosion radius to make using them more viable
Disabled a couple of lines of Chief and Cortana's dialogue on Requiem ("Asking's not my strong suit")
Disabled a couple of lines of Cortana's dialogue on Forerunner that I found unnecessary

Feedback is welcome and greatly appreciated. I did several passes over the levels to make sure I didn't miss anything between them, but there is always the possibility of overlooking something. I tested and balanced this mod on Heroic. Let me know if anything isn't working right or doesn't feel right.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have fun!