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Adds More ammo and edits halo 4s weapons in campaign.

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Because there wasn't enough ammo in the base game.

All campaign missions have been added now.


Player changes:

player damage resistance increased to 1.2 from 1

Player now does double melee damage.

Player defaults to evade 2.0 equipment on every map 

Note: its bugged on Dawn mission 1 please start on the second checkpoint not mission beginning.


Changes to weapons besides ammo reserve increase are as followed:

 Assault Rifle: mag increased to 60 rounds per second increased to 15

 DMR mag: increased to 15

Magnum: mag increased to 12

Shotgun: internal mag increased to 12 chambers two rounds per shell

Plasma Pistol: battery increased.  Battery longer drains when charging shot

Needler: mag increased to 30

Energy Sword: battery increased

Storm Rifle: battery increased tightened up bullet spread takes longer to overheat

Beam Rifle battery increased. accidently gave it to much battery on some missions oops.

Scattershot internal mag increased to 12 chambers two rounds per shell can spam shots!

Suppressor tightened up bullet spread.


To install go to your game's install directory of MCC find halo4/maps then paste enjoy!