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Gives army troopers appropriate uniforms camo and armor coloring.

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Halo reach is my second favorite halo game but one thing that annoys me about reach is that army troopers always wear desert camo in places that make no sense and places that make sense they wear green and brown camo? Well not anymore I added more than seven new uniforms to reach and it makes sense to the missions environments and even changes what equipment they wear.

Here are all the new/changed uniforms:

located in noble actual and winter contingency

located in tip of the spear and lone wolf

sea shore
located in long night of solace

located in long night of solace

located in noble actual, tip of the spear and new alexandria

located in exodus and  new alexandria

oni operative/security
located in oni sword base and the package

ash waste
located in the package

located in the pillar of autumn

combat evolved
located in the pillar of autumn

I might update it more if a lot of people like it.