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Campaign Overhaul mod centered around replacing Grunts & Jackals with Brutes, plus a bunch of improvements to create an engaging and challenging experience for those who want a bit more ODST immersion and a feeling of fighting a formidable alien faction, while half the focus is on silly fun Halo gameplay to create an ideal balance between them.

Permissions and credits
(Be sure to use the compatibility files.)
(v3 is under construction. It'll be a big update so it'll take quite a while to develop, so don't expect to see the full version anytime soon.)
(v3-alpha is available and may get updated every now and then for those who want a work-in-progress preview of what's to come.)
(Some guns in v3 have alt-fire functions which are triggered with your Vehicle Function 1 key, which I recommend you set to Right Click.)

- Tayari Plaza on Heroic with FbB v2.0 -

- v1.0 Changes -

1. Grunt Minors -> Jump Pack Brute Minors
2. Grunt Majors & Heavies -> Jump Pack Brute Majors
3. Grunt Ultras & Spec Ops -> Jump Pack Brute Ultras
(Kikowani Station doesn't have Jump Pack Brutes, so the Grunts in that level are basic Brute Minors, Majors & Ultras.)
4. Jackals -> Brute Stalkers (yes, even Jackal Snipers)
5. Jump Pack Brutes now throw Plasma Grenades (to keep those grenades in the gameplay sandbox now that Grunts are absent).
6. Brute Stalkers now have a 20% chance to use Flare when entering combat instead of 40%.
7. Automag and Silenced SMG now actually function as silenced guns, so enemies only notice shots from those weapons when they get hit.

- v2.0 Changes -

1. Hunter & Brute melees throw things much further away.
2. All player melees have been nerfed and rebalanced to be more believable.
3. Player cannot assassinate enemies anymore.
4. Flare has a screen-darkening visual effect now to save your eyes.
5. AI fire nearly all weapons from x1.5-x2 further away.

6. Brutes keep their armor on shield break.
7. Brute shields can recharge even after fully depleted.
8. All Brute helmets need to be shot off to get a headshot, just like in Halo 2.
9. There's a new chance spawn Brute Captain rank called Warcaptain, which is basically a Warchieftain with Captain weapons.
10. Plasma Pistol overcharge is now a close-range low-damage explosive projectile with a powerful gravity push.

11. Brute Plasma Rifle is now pretty much the Halo 2 Brute Plasma Rifle (lower damage, faster fire rate).
12. Brute Shot projectiles can fly twice as far before exploding.
13. Spiker now has a unique role as a fast-firing 8-shot burst weapon, which makes it an actually viable weapon choice.
14. Assault Rifle now has much more ammo capacity, 60 round clip, and the Battle Rifle firing sound effect.
15. Automag isn't super useful now so it also got a big ammo capacity increase and a new clip size of 24.

16. Silenced SMG has about double the ammo capacity now.
17. Carbine has been nerfed to consume 2 rounds per shot.
18. Reload now wastes rounds on Automag, Mauler, Assault Rifle, Carbine, SSMG, Sniper Rifle & Spiker.
19. Brute Stalkers don't have the helmet eye beam light anymore as a fix to a bug introduced by the Brute armor changes.
20. VISR Mode colors for all ODST characters are slightly different now, which is based on the mission you're playing on.

21. All waypoints (mission objective, player & AI ODST) have been removed since they're basically HUD clutter once you know the game.
22. Binoculars now have two zoom levels, default (x3) and sniper zoom (x10).
23. Max grenades have been increased to four.
24. Mission starting profiles (the weapons, ammo & grenades you start out with) have been tweaked.
25. Added some unique enemy encounters and fixed a couple that needed tweaking.

26. Hunters have twice the health now.
27. Basic drones are a bit weak for this mod's style so now all drones are Captains & Captain Majors, meaning they all have shields.
28. Board meleeing a Wraith does 40 times less damage per hit, and you do that same damage to yourself on each hit.
29. Grenade drop chances for all grenade types have been (mostly) increased to the same value of 66%.
30. Power meleeing with the Gravity Hammer now does 60 damage to you, so using it is a huge health price to pay, assuming you survive.

(Kikowani Station has a bunch of missing assets, so don't be surprised to hear the normal Assault Rifle firing sound there for example.)

- v2.0.1 Changes -

1. Removed the visual low ammo HUD warning from Reload Waste guns, since it's good to think twice before reloading them.
2. Removed the "divider" line next to the ammo number from Reload Waste guns, as an in-game reminder of which guns have that feature.
3. Small fix to the last encounter in Coastal Highway.

- Manual Installation -

Place the files into the "\Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\halo3odst\maps" folder.

It's recommended that you back up the map files which have the same names before replacing them.

Whenever you play modded maps, be sure to launch the game with anti-cheat disabled.

- v1.0 Description -

- Tayari Plaza on Heroic with FbB v1.0 -


Mainly inspired by the original Halo 3: Recon/ODST name drop trailer, the main purpose of this mod is to make the game feel a bit more like that with the city being full of Brute search parties. Jump Pack Brutes would be ideal for quickly traversing the city, while Stalkers would be good for searching every nook and cranny for any survivors, so those are the ones I decided to replace the Grunts and Jackals with.

The Fodder Brutes still keep their original Grunt and Jackal weapons, meaning that there's a bunch of Brutes with Plasma Pistols and Needlers now. This lets them keep the role of "moving EMP gun rack" that Grunts and Jackals normally have, so killing them is often very rewarding since Plasma Pistol overcharge is even more useful in this mod compared to vanilla.

And yes, this means that instead of the "glowing helmet one-shot kill" Jackal Snipers, we have shielded invisible Brute Snipers now. That's obviously not gonna be to everyone's liking, but in my experience they're a surprisingly fun and unique puzzle-like addition to the enemy sandbox; one that also helps in getting into the feel of the Covenant being a formidable enemy faction which makes smart ground combat decisions.

With the Stalker's increased numbers I also noticed that they threw Flares a bit too often, so the chance for them to do so is now cut in half.
An unintended side-effect I noticed is that Firebomb Grenades are now several times more common than in the vanilla game. This one to me is a positive change though since Firebomb Grenades were always underutilized in Halo 3 and ODST, and being against armies of Brutes all the time makes you appreciate having it as more of a common part of your arsenal.

Another thing to mention is that these added Brute Stalkers are not invisible when they're unalert,
making it a very beneficial tactic to stealthily scout out areas in Mombasa Streets for example so you can spot the snipers before they go invisible.

One more subtle change I threw in to further enhance stealth is the addition of silenced weapon functionality to the Automag and the Silenced SMG.
It always felt off to me that the stealth-themed signature ODST weapons weren't actually stealthy at all in gameplay, so that has now been rectified.
Now while using these weapons, enemies won't notice your shots unless you actually hit them. Not a huge difference in practice but this just feels better.

Besides the removal of Grunts and Jackals plus these other small changes, I wanted to keep things pretty close to vanilla.
So instead of a full-on gameplay sandbox overhaul, this mod functions more as a rather simple alternate version of the vanilla game.


- List of Changes Made -

1. Grunt Minors -> Jump Pack Brute Minors
2. Grunt Majors & Heavies -> Jump Pack Brute Majors
3. Grunt Ultras & Spec Ops -> Jump Pack Brute Ultras
(Kikowani Station doesn't have Jump Pack Brutes, so the Grunts in that level are basic Brute Minors, Majors & Ultras.)
4. Jackals -> Brute Stalkers (yes, even Jackal Snipers)
5. Jump Pack Brutes now throw Plasma Grenades (to keep those grenades in the gameplay sandbox now that Grunts are absent).
6. Brute Stalkers now have a 20% chance to use Flare when entering combat instead of 40%.
7. Automag and Silenced SMG now actually function as silenced guns, so enemies only notice shots from those weapons when they get hit.


- Manual Installation -

Place the files into the "\Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\halo3odst\maps" folder.

It's recommended that you back up the map files which have the same names before replacing them.

Whenever you play modded maps, be sure to launch the game with anti-cheat disabled.