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This mod depicts a "what if" scenario in where the Swords of Sangheilos were a faction during the events of Halo 3. In this you play as an elite named N'tho 'Sraom with new armor color now. New weapon additions and also modifying existing weapons. Brutes are recolored, and you have allied grunts and elites through out the campaign.

Permissions and credits

Most Recent -

-Added the storm
-Added sword ghost and banshee
-Added sword elite ranger
-Added sword zealot (Can activate invincibility) 
-New hud color
-Removed mangler
-Recolor N'tho's design
-Odst weapons

Player model-

-You now play as an elite.

Swords of Sangheilos-

-Allied grunts and elites and sometimes hunters through out the campaign.

-Most elite ranks can now throw grenades

Covenant -

-Brute minor recolored

-Brute major recolored

-Brute ultra recolored

-Brute Captain recolored

-Brute Ultras (Brute Captain Major recolored)

-Brute Alphas (Brute Captain ultras recolored)


-Made master chief a NPC

New weapons/weapon modifications-

-Sword Carbine, a energy variant of the base carbine, Slightly stronger, but shoots slower and has low projectile speeds. Used only by Sword elites.

-Electric Rifle, a Burst firing variant of the beam rifle only used by Sword elites (Heavily inspired by krith's left hand variant in Halo 5), Replaces the base beam rifle for now.

-Pistol Repeater, a plasma pistol variant that is automatic and shoots faster in trade of the overcharge. Used only by Sword grunts.

-Brute Plasma Rifle from odst (With H3 multiplayer stats)

-Automag with similar stats with the one from odst (Has less recoil, can be dual wielded)

-Silence smg, has the same stats with the one from odst (Can be dual wielded)

-Changed the assault rifle's sound with the chaingun turret to make it sound more powerful like the ce's assault rifle.

-Made the brute shot a third person weapon.

Planned changes -

-More sword vehicles

-New elite ranks such as Sword Stealth elites


-Removed Cortana cutscenes.
-Ai no longer call you the master chief

All known issues -


Mission dialogue refer you as chief

-Effects of the Cortana cutscenes still being present, such as the slow walking speed and the lack of hud.


-Certain amounts of Sword grunts at the start of the mission will not follow you if you move too fast through the mission.

-Certain places where elites can get stuck.

-MP model elites having trouble with jumping over certain terrains.

-Master chief ai as a whole really


- Smg uses rifle animations

To install this mod, first back up your original maps. And then replace the non backup ones with the modded versions of them.


010_jungle.map (Sierra 117)

020_base.map (Crows Nest)

030_outskirts.map (Tsavo Highway)

040_voi.map (The Storm)

Feel free to give feedback on how you think I can improve this mod for future levels.