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Welcome to Fall of Reach: Infinite, a complete overhaul of Halo: Reach's sandbox, maps, encounters, hud elements, and more to bring it closer to Halo Infinite! If you're looking for a Halo Infinite style experience, you're in the right place!

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Welcome to Fall of Reach: Infinite, a complete overhaul of Halo: Reach's sandbox, maps, encounters, hud elements, and more to bring it closer to Halo Infinite! If you're looking for a Halo Infinite style experience, you're in the right place! I've just released the first of many demos to come, v0.17. In FoRI v0.17, you'll get a playable demo of the campaign mission "New Alexandria" as well as the multiplayer map "Countdown." The next releases will follow Reach's story in chronological order, and FoRI v0.2 will boast even more content, including "Winter Contingency," "ONI Sword Base," "Tempest," and "Installation 04." I'm excited to continue growing Fall of Reach: Infinite over the next several months as it continues to grow and evolve based on your feedback! Now, stay tuned for some information about FoRI v0.17, and make sure to join the Tangent Discord Server for access to even more playtest builds, and to help test multiplayer modes!

  • MA40 Assault Rifle - A successor to the MA37 of Vanilla Reach, and the main AR of Halo Infinite, the MA40 Assault Rifle sports a 36-round-magazine, faster fire-rate, and a tighter bullet spread. 
  • BR45 Battle Rifle - The BR45 is the successor to the classic BR55 of the original Halo Trilogy, sporting the 2x scope, 3x burst, and 36-round-magazine we've all come to know and love. The BR45 also uses slower projectile speeds similar to Halo 3; however, the projectiles are considerably faster than H3. The BR45 most clearly dominates at medium-long ranges.
  • VK78 Commando* - The VK78 Commando makes its way into FoRI v0.17's updated "Countdown" map, sporting a 20-round-mag, signature holo-sight, and full-auto headshot capability. You'll find that the VK kicks some serious ass at medium range. The VK78 is currently only in multiplayer, but it will make it's campaign debut in "Oni Sword Base" with FoRI v0.2. 
  • MK50 Sidekick - The MK50 Sidekick makes a name for itself as a reliable, close-range killing machine. Sporting a 12-round-mag, incredibly fast fire-rate, and consistent damage output, the Sidekick excels in CQC combat. However, due to its slower projectile speeds, you'll want to stick with a VK78 or BR45 for longer-range engagements. The Sidekick will be featured alongside the classic Magnum in both campaign, multiplayer, and firefight. 
  • SCOUT SHOTGUN* - The Scout Shotgun is heavily inspired by Halo Infinite's Bulldog shotgun. Sporting a ten-round-mag, tighter spread, and fast fire-rate, you'll be able to do more damage at a range than with other shotgun variants. This shotgun is currently only featured in campaign, but it will come to the rest of Reach with later releases.
  • HEAVY SHOTGUN* - The Heavy Shotgun is essentially the base Halo: Reach shotgun with some visual tweaks. This shotgun is currently only planned to be featured in multiplayer and firefight.
  • UPDATED PLASMA RIFLE - The T25 Plasma Rifle of FoRI uses values that are much closer to those of Halo: Combat Evolved, but with a bit more bullet-spread. It also sports a deep-blue color. You'll find this Plasma Rifle much more useful than the Vanilla one, and I plan to implement a CE style stun mechanic later on.
  • BRUTE VEHEMENCE - The Brute Vehemence is a heavily-modified Brute Plasma Repeater that spits red-hot plasma at an absurdly fast fire-rate, generating a large amount of heat, and using up battery-life very quickly. This weapon will replace the Spiker as the main weapon for the Brutes, and it will be the only Plasma Repeater featured in the campaign.
  • PROTO-STALKER - The Proto-Stalker is a heavily modified Focus Rifle, functioning more like a traditional DMR. This weapon sports a 4x scope and fires beams in more controlled bursts with headshot capability. It also sports a red shell, as a nod to Halo Infinite's Stalker Rifle. You'll prefer this weapon for long-range engagements and Elite encounters
  • MK1 RAVAGER - The MK1 Ravager is an early version of Halo Infinite's Ravager, this one being in the form of a purple Concussion Rifle. Firing 3x bursts, this weapon is much more deadly than a traditional Concussion Rifle.
  • SKEWER - The intimidating Skewer arrives to the battle, shooting deadly spears at targets with a high velocity. If your enemy has this weapon, you'll want to take them out asap.
  • UPDATED PLASMA PISTOL - The Plasma Pistol  now sports a Halo 3 inspired look. In campaign, overcharged bolts fire at a travel slower speed, but still track targets. In multiplayer, however, the overcharged bolts travel at the same speed as vanilla, but don't track targets.
  • OTHER UPDATES - The Needler now resembles its Halo Infinite cousin. The Sniper now has a blue scope as a nod to Infinite. The Grenade Launcher now has a green ammo counter as a nod to the Halo: Reach BETA DMR. The Halo Infinite Mangler will also be coming in later builds.

  • THE SPEC OPS FALCON - As you'll notice, the Falcon looks a bit different in FoRI's take on "New Alexandria." Now sporting a black color-scheme, full-auto turret, and a secondary grenade launcher, Falcon combat has never been more satisfying or diverse.

Like Halo Infinte, Fall of Reach: Infinite will also see the return of Halo 3 style equipment. Due to current limitations, and the implementation of the Armor Ability system, equipment will temporarily override sprint, and equipment will be displayed in the bottom-right of your HUD. Sprint will however be returned to you after activating the equipment. These items will also drop on player-death.  Most equipment items are single use, but there will be some exceptions. Now, let's dive into the three current equipment items featured in FoRI v0.17.

  • JETPACK - The jetpack makes its return in FoRI, this time as an equipment. In campaign, the jetpack can be activated ten times before it expires. In multiplayer, the jetpack can be activated five times before fuel runs out.
  • BUBBLE SHIELD - Halo: Reach's Dropshield has been modified to function similarly to the Halo 3 Bubble Shield, hence the name change. The Bubble Shield is a single-use equipment item, and it no longer has the regen effect since players no longer need health packs. However, the Bubble Shield can still take damage, just like in Vanilla.
  • CONCUSSIVE BLAST - My favorite equipment so far, Concussive Blast is based off the equipment item from the scrapped Halo Online of the same name. Concussive blast is also a single-use item, and upon activation, your spartan will violently slam the ground, emitting a powerful EMP shockwave. You'll love this item in encounters with plentiful Elites or vehicles.

As you'll immediately notice upon downloading FoRI v0.17, this mod sports a HUD that is very similar in design to Halo Infinite, further immersing you in this Infinite-style experience. As you also read above, your health regens along with your shields, eliminating the need for health packs. Furthermore, you also no longer take any fall damage, allowing you to explore and approach encounters like never before. Base movement speed and jump height is also slightly increased, and sprint is a bit slower, but lasts a bit longer.

From the beginning of FoRI, one of my biggest goals was to make Brutes a much more interesting enemy to face. In Vanilla, I felt Brute encounters were very bland and boring, especially when compared to Halo 2 and Halo 3. So, I have majorly overhauled the Brutes, giving them access to a more unique arsenal, along with an improved visual and gameplay design. The Brutes now wield the Brute Vehemence, Skewer, and Scout Shotgun, which I feel better captures the traits their name implies. The Brutes also now only share two weapons with Elites, the Proto-Stalker and MK1 Ravager. I've also attempted to make Brutes much more aggressive in CQC to help make up for their lack of berserk. Brutes will now actively seek to hunt you down, and trust me, if you see a Brute charging you with a shotgun, you better start running. The Brutes will also receive the Mangler later down the line.

As you'll also notice, I updated the coloration of all Covenant enemy types to more easily identify ranks, bring back the Covenant aesthetic of the OG games and Halo Infinite, and to make the gameplay a bit more vibrant.

That's right, FoRI feature throwable Fusion Coils. Have fun yeeting the noob cube at your targets. Look at the README for more info.


Xayth:-Throwable Fusion Coils-Animation assistance
Spartan0398:- Key art-Sidekick Model-BR45 Kitbash-Preparing Skookum's models for injection-Being cool
SkookumProps:-VK78 Model-Skewer Model-Mangler Model (coming soon)
RoyalZealot24:-Skewer HUD icon-Sidekick HUD icon-VK78 HUD icon-VK78 model import/scaling-BR45 model import-Playtest/feedbak
Sandbox design, AI, encounters, the HUD, and everything else done by yours truly ;)

Thank you for checking out FoRI! I hope you enjoy this taste of the mod, and there's much more to come! Be sure to check out my YouTube for an in-depth breakdown, along with my Twitter and Instagram! Thanks again, and I hope you have a great experience!