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v1.0 - Adds allied Elites to Sierra 117 with diverse UNSC and Covenant weapon choices

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Welcome to Sierra 117 - Elites. This mod adds some allied Elites to Sierra 117, mostly Special Operations Elites but also some Majors, Minors and Specialists. The Elites will mostly use Sangheili weapons like Plasma Rifles and Carbines but some will also use Human weapons like Battle Rifles and Assault Rifles. 

List of Changes

- Adds a small squad of Spec Ops Elites to the first segment of the level including dual-wielding Elite Major
- Marine squads that spawn if all allies die have now been replaced with Elites
- Marine squad at the dock now has a Spec Ops Elite - spawns alive at Rally Point Bravo
- Arbiter is now capable of swapping weapons with the player
- Arbiter at Rally Point Bravo / Rally Point Charlie spawns with a Beam Rifle

Installation Instructions

- Installing this mod is simple. Navigate to the root folder for Halo: The Master Chief Collection - usually in Program Files > Steam > steamapps > common, and go to the folder called 'halo 3'
- From there, open the folder called maps - this contains all of the map files for Halo 3
- Next, BACK UP THESE FILES if you haven't already, just in case
- Then simply move the 010_jungle.map file that is this mod to replace the one in the maps file, and play Halo: MCC with Anti-Cheat disabled
- Now boot up the mission Sierra 117 on the difficulty of your choice, using whichever Skull modifiers you like.