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v1.0 - Adds ODSTs, more female Marines and altered enemy encounters in Cairo Station. Also alters classic Elite armour colours

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List of Changes

- Classic graphics armour recolourations for Elites - Major Domo and Minor Domo ranks implemented
- Added more allies to the mission including ODSTs and more female Marines
- Diversified allied weapon spawns
- Diversified some enemy encounters - added Drones to the pool of waves in the first section, altered enemy weapon spawns
- Easy difficulty modified so allies are plentiful but die often, higher difficulties have fewer allies but they are stronger and smarter
- Some Elites throughout the mission who could not have entered the station through boarding craft are now Rangers

Installation Instructions

- Installing this mod is simple. Navigate to the root folder for Halo: The Master Chief Collection - usually in Program Files > Steam > steamapps > common, and go to the folder called 'halo 2'
- From there, open the folder called h2_maps_win64_dx11 - this contains all of the map files for Halo 2
- Next, BACK UP THESE FILES if you haven't already, just in case
- Then simply move the spacestation.map file that is this mod to replace the one in the maps file, and play Halo: MCC with Anti-Cheat disabled
- Now boot up the mission Cairo Station on the difficulty of your choice, using whichever Skull modifiers you like.

Also try the Elite Edition, which adds allied Elites to the level.