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Race+ is an enhanced version of the Race gametype, with more options and features.

Permissions and credits

Race+ is an enhanced version of the official Race gametype, with new options and features.

New features
You can race with civilian vehicles: the gametype will choose a random civilian vehicle for players to use each round.

You can race with Sabres, on maps that support them.

You can race with no vehicle at all. Who's the fastest on foot?

You can configure landmine behavior. The official Race gametype has a special script which makes landmines blow up on a timer if you drive close to them. Race+ allows you to customize the delay, customize the trigger distance, or disable this behavior entirely.

Checkpoint detection has been enhanced. In the vanilla Race gametype, you only count as entering a checkpoint once your vehicle's center of mass is inside. In Race+, you can move (almost) any part of your vehicle inside and the gametype will properly detect it.

How to install

You need to copy the *.bin file into your saved game variants folder, which is located here (the exact path varies depending on your internal XUID, or Xbox User ID):


If that folder does not exist, try saving a game variant or map variant in-game so that the folder is generated. When adding new files, note that the Master Chief Collection only checks this folder once, when you click through the title screen ("Press [Enter]"). If you add files to this folder after that moment, you will need to fully close and restart the game in order for those files to appear in-game.

Additional notes

Race+ was created using ReachVariantTool. The script source code is in the downloads section.