Halo: The Master Chief Collection
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About this mod

A gametype that makes all players invincible, and allows players to transform into a Monitor or teleport forward by activating Active Camo for different lengths of time.

Permissions and credits
Boundary Break

This gametype is designed to allow you to explore outside of a level's boundaries.

This gametype makes all players invincible to all forms of damage, including level boundaries. It also gives everyone Active Camo, and uses a script to monitor how long players use Active Camo. Using the ability for different lengths of time will trigger different effects. Brief usage will allow you to swap between being a normal character model and being a Monitor (the little Forge robots). Longer usage will allow you to teleport forward, which is useful for clipping out of level boundaries. Even longer usage will allow you to reset yourself back into the map.

When paired with Theater, this gametype can be used to get some pretty neat screenshots.

Available Options
Hide Monitor Equipment
This makes a Monitor's held weapons and Armor Ability invisible in third-person view, which could be desirable for people who want to take screenshots. There is a minor side-effect to this: Monitors' Active Camos will be hidden outside of the map, and will look the same as an Active Camo sitting on the ground waiting to be picked up. If you don't care about taking screenshots of Monitors, and are more interested in just getting out-of-map screenshots, then you may want to turn this option off.

Show Warp Distance In World
This option allows you to see a glowing wall of light (similar to how hills are displayed in KOTH) when you're about to warp forward. The wall is anchored on your character model and allows you to see exactly how far forward you will teleport -- useful for precisely clipping into small areas.

How to install

You need to copy the *.bin file into your saved game variants folder, which is located here (the exact path varies depending on your internal XUID, or Xbox User ID):


If that folder does not exist, try saving a game variant or map variant in-game so that the folder is generated. When adding new files, note that the Master Chief Collection only checks this folder once, when you click through the title screen ("Press [Enter]"). If you add files to this folder after that moment, you will need to fully close and restart the game in order for those files to appear in-game.

Why am I able to shoot when I become a Monitor?
By default, Monitors spawn with a special gun that's exactly the same as a Focus Rifle, but invisible. Forge is hardcoded to take this gun away from them after they spawn.

Monitors can pick up weapons, grenades, and Armor Abilities. They can use any non-melee weapons and any Armor Abilities that don't have special animations. They cannot throw grenades or use melee weapons. Monitors can melee if they are holding any weapon, but nothing in the world actually reacts to the melee; you just hear the sound effect.

Why is everything tied to Active Camo?
I needed to pick an action that gametype scripts can actually detect, and that players can perform in any circumstance. Gametypes can detect when a player is using their currently-equipped Armor Ability. Armor Lock was my first thought, but Monitors can't do it, and players that are in mid-air can't do it.

Why can't I teleport past certain walls?
The game will often actively try to keep you inside of the map's playable space. If you can't clip past a given wall, try moving around, pushing forward while teleporting, or just clipping past a different wall instead.

How can I tell what ground outside of a map is actually solid?
Shoot it. If you see impact graphics, then it's solid.

Why is there an Active Camo outside of the map, below the floor?
This is due to the "Hide Monitor Equipment" option. Monitors can pick up weapons and Armor Abilities, but those abilities show little holographic icons when a Monitor wears them. This can be bad for screenshots. There's no way to make an Armor Ability invisible, so the gametype has to hide them by trying to place them below the lowest Initial Spawn Point on the map.

Sometimes, I see radar jammer effects in random locations. Why is this?
When a player with Active Camo uses the ability, the radar jamming effect doesn't come from the player; it comes from the actual physical ability attached to their back. The "Hide Monitor Equipment" option works by detaching a Monitor's Active Camo from their back and hiding it outside of the level boundaries, so if a Monitor uses the ability while you're physically near it, you'll see the jamming effect.

What happens if I pick up a different Armor Ability and use that instead?
Don't do that.

Does this gametype have anything to do with that one YouTube show?
no but that guy's cool go watch his stuff

Additional notes

Boundary Break was created using ReachVariantTool. The script source code is in the downloads section.