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This mod is a sequel to both the Overhaul of Exodus Mod as well as the Overhaul of Nightfall Mod. The mod aims to both add and modify the weapon, enemy, and vehicle sandbox of Halo Reach to maximize the unique roles of each.

Permissions and credits
This is my newest mod which is an overhaul to the mission Oni: Sword Base: @everyone
New Weapon, SMG:
  • A completely new weapon that does not replace a pre-existing one.
  • Has a sixty round magazine and high rate of fire.
  • It shares a model with the assault rifle with some alterations to differentiate it from the assault rifle.
  • It can be found replacing some of the DMR/BR spawns throughout the mission.

New Weapon, Carbine:
  • The Carbine replaces the Needle Rifle.
  • Functions as a faster but less powerful version of the Reach DMR.
  • Fully written strings. 
  • It can be found being used by all the enemies that normally wield a Needle Rifle.

New Weapon, Battle Rifle:
  • Three round burst weapon.
  • Replaces the DMR.
  • It can be found lying on the ground in most parts of the level.

New Enemy, Assault Hunter:
  • A new variant of the hunter.
  • Now sports a blue color.
  • Shoots modified plasma launcher grenades.
  • It is the normal hunter’s major unit, so it is more likely to be encountered on higher difficulties or with thunderstorms turned on.

New Enemy, Grunt Deacon:
  • Basically the Grunt equivalent of the Elite Zealot.
  • They are the major unit for the Grunt Ultras and are more likely to be found on higher difficulties and with the Thunderstorm skull enabled.
  • Much more likely to throw grenades and they throw grenades at a higher velocity.

New Enemy, Jackal Ultra (New as of 1.1):
  • A stronger version of the Jackal Major.
  • Now sports white armor and a strong bright green energy gauntlet.
  • More likely to appear on higher difficulties and with thunderstorm turned on.

New Vehicle, Whisper:
  • Replaces the revenant.
  • Acts as sort of a precursor to the AA Wraith featured in Halo 3 and thus shoots flak rounds instead of mini wraith mortars.
  • Now sports a brown color like the AA Wraiths in Halo 3.
  • Can be found in all the spots that the revenant is found.

Assault Rifle Changes:
  • Each bullet does more damage.

Plasma RIfle Changes:
  • The fire rate is slower and each round contributes more heat.
  • Plasma velocity is slower.
  • Overall damage increased.
  • Now sports a purple color.

Encounter Changes:
  • In an attempt to make the battle for Sword base seem larger, more marines and covenant have been added in numerous sections of the level.
  • Two more troop hogs added in the valley section of the level.
  • Increased number of Ranger elites in the AA defense section.
  • Increased the number of Spec Ops elites at the end of the level.
  • Increased the number of covenants in the opening firefight of the level as well as the valley portion.

Other things of note:
  • I drew inspiration for the coloring of the enemies from the Halo Reach Evolved Mod by the Vengeful Vadam.
  • The elite and grunt ranking system now has a fourth tier of Zealot when before it only went up to a third tier of Ultra.
  • Recommended difficulty is normal or heroic.
  • My next mod most likely will not be released until Halo 3 Pc's full release on July 14th.

  • The hunter’s charging animation sometimes does not play.
  • Elite Rangers do not use their jet packs too often.

Potential features for future updates:
  • Jackal Ultra from Nightfall Evolved (added as of 1.1).
  • Drone encounters.
  • Drone Plasma Rifle (Now in consideration as of 1.1).

Any suggestions for features or things I can improve on in the mod would be appreciated and I hope you enjoy the mod.