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v1.0 - Mod page for posting complete collections of my Halo 2 mods into Campaign 'playlists'. Includes Uprising Evolved, Gravemind - Banished, Cairo Station Swords of Sanghelios and more!

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Welcome to Arbiter's Tale, as requested, this is the mod page on which I will be posting my previous mods in bundles available to download in one go. The first collection available to download is a compilation of all the main versions of each of my mods, including Cairo Station - Swords of Sanghelios, Gravemind - Banished, Uprising Evolved and many more. The bundle also contains a modded version of The Armory that isn't available anywhere else, that adds more Marines to the mission and more personnel in the armory itself.

There are also alternate modded campaigns available. You can download a compilation of all the Standard Editions in which Arbiter tells Locke only a slightly exaggerated version of the original Halo 2 Campaign, and a compilation of all the Swords of Sanghelios versions of the missions so you can play through a version of the story that the Arbiter told to Locke to really try and sell the whole Elite-Human alliance thing.

Future versions will include a compilation of all the Chaos Editions (once they are all completed and tested) in which Arbiter spends the whole Lich ride to Sunaion just talking absolute nonsense to Locke and confusing everybody, this will be released when all of my Chaos Editions are complete and tested. Chaos Editions still to be released include an Unholy Edition of The Oracle that includes Flood allies.

Please read the documentation included in the Docs tab for a note of thanks from me to specific members of the Halo community who have supported, encourage or inspired me in some way and contributed to the creation of these mods.

List of (General) Changes:
  • Classic graphics armour recolourations - particularly Elites and Grunts, in most levels armour colours for these Covenant forces have been expanded to include the Major Domo and Minor Domo ranks, diversify the Stealth Elites and add more colour to the Honour Guards.
  • Increased allies - AI that spawn to help the player have been vastly increased in number, on lower difficulties this can lead to an impressive collection of allies on some levels and on higher difficulties this makes some hard encounters much more manageable. ODSTs are now also present in several Chief missions.
  • General reduction in the number of Jackal Snipers - depending on the version of the Campaign. Due to their infamy, Jackal snipers have been slightly reduced in number on Legendary in most versions
  • More opportunities for exploring sandbox elements - throughout all the versions of all of my mods the end goal is to ensure that as many potential encounters are explored as possible, so a main focus has been making particular NPCs into allies that weren't before, aka Brutes, Jackals, Drones etc
  • Reactivating unused content - where possible I have attempted to bring elements into the game that were left on the cutting room floor by Bungie. These include automatic Wraith turrets usable for the player (not yet present in all missions), Shadows that the player can drive on Outskirts including a cut variant, reactivated enemy encounters that were cut from the game across several missions and more.

This mod is a compilation of several other mods that I have made. These are:

Check out the individual mod pages for each level to find more images of the mods as well as unique variations of the missions that you can download to customise your campaign experience in a way that suits you. I hope you enjoy my mods, thanks for playing!