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Fight aggressive beasts that have only melee weapons. You have to be strategic and manage your displacements to stay close enough to deal important damage but not to close to be overwhelmed by the horde. Nb of Player: 1 to 4. UNSC weapons are modified and a bit funkier. Overlook, Unearthed and Installation 04 are coming soon!

Permissions and credits
This my first mod, the current content is subject to change. I am open to any suggestions. It has been largely inspired by the mythic zombie firefight mod made by JJIJR


Reach has been devasted by the war the Covenant are gone and only remains a tremendous amount of dead bodies. The densely scattered ashes present in the atmosphere prevent any light to brighten the surface of the planet. Radiations have brought the dead bodies back to life filled with an insatiable thirst for blood. The only survivors left are trying to survive the endless horde. Overwhelmed by weeks of combat, you and your team fell back in a hideout but, the horde is coming... The final fight has begun.


  1. Backup all the original firefight maps
  2. drag and replace all the modded maps into "maps" folder "Halo The Master Chief Collection\haloreach\maps"
  3. Launch the game WITHOUT anti-cheat
  4. The new map(s) will be available in custom firefight section

Multiplayer (Optional):

If you want to host a multiplayer game replace the DDL file in folder "Halo The Master Chief Collection\haloreach" also don't forget to back up this file !!!!! Obviously, your friends also need the map(s) to be installed properly.

Custom Firefight Game Type:

Use Zombie HORDE Reach V3 game type

The mod is balanced for Legendary difficulty. Don't expect to survive more than a wave. This difficulty is intended to keep the game challenging and tense (particularly in multiplayer). If you find it too difficult, play with a friend, or reduce to heroic difficulty. This can make the mod a bit too repetitive and eventually makes the zombies dumber.  Finally, play with the difficulty which suits you the best!

Description of weapons:
Loadouts Weapons:

Fires 3 bullet per shot with 9 rounds, Projectile damage: 25
DMR: Projectile damage: 35
Assault Rifle: 60 rounds, Projectile damage: 10 to 15
Shotgun: Projectile damage: 12 to 15
Grenade Launcher: Fires around 100 plasma projectiles per shot, 1 shot per barrel, very large dispersion, perfect for close range 

Ordnance Weapons (All these weapons will slow you down by 40%):

Sniper: Fires a powerful ray that lasts a few seconds
Rocket Launcher: Flamethrower, close range, don't burn yourself! support weapon
Spartan Laser: Heavy laser, model and effect changed, room for improvement,  support weapon
Laser pointer: no changes

Death barriers have been removed on the maps, you can explore it but keep in mind that zombies will try to follow you as long as you are reachable from melee and may end up hidden/stuck in strange places of the map.
If you are on top of a building for example that is not accessible by the AI,  zombies will just wander/rove the map or stay idle.
Be careful on BeachHead, you can fall into the water and be stuck, there is only one way to get back to the base (a plan is available in the picture section).

Patch Notes:
-Small changes to have consistency weapons and setting over maps.
-Zombies are more aggressive and almost 50% of them have now a gravity hammer.
-You can construct your game type from an already existing game type which will save you some time.
-BeachHead is Out! don't fall into the water! You can use the vehicles at your own peril :)
-DMR has been nerfed, it was too powerful and the sensation of using it weird.
-Less maximum ammo capacity for some weapons
-CourtYard is now available
-Flamethrower, sniper raygun and modified spartan laser are now available
-Consistent weapons across maps
-Zombies are even more aggressive and can make a greater leap
-Ghost in BeachHead cannot use its boost anymore
-Correct game type is now available

Future implementations/rework:

-In order: implementation of Overlook, Unearthed and Installation 04
-Rework of the Guta skin and possibly some amelioration for the brute skin
-Rework of spartan laser, it must be more powerful and have more ammo
-Decent Flashlight/Light system (sorry I'm still a beginner... any help would be appreciated here)
-Additional prop/modification for the map with forge
-Lava instead of water (why not?)
-ODST biped rather than spartan
-Friendly marines/civilian fighting along with you
-Increase Guta health for a more epic boss fight
-Add new zombie types such as spartan or elite (Many unsuccessful attempts to create function civilian zombies were made :( I would also need some help here...)
And many more ideas that we can discuss in the comment section

I hope you will enjoy it :)!