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Gen's Battlescape is a total combat overhaul for Halo CEA. It completely modifies the weapons, vehicles, AI behaviors, select encounters, and overall creates a new sandbox in the Halo world with an emphasis on realism and military authenticity.

Permissions and credits
Greetings! I am the monitor of the NEW Installation 04. My name is Genesis! Today, I bring to you the first experimental build of Gens' Battlescape. Gen's Battlescape is a total combat overhaul for Halo CEA. It completely modifies the weapons, vehicles, AI behaviors, select encounters, and overall creates a new sandbox in the Halo world with an emphasis on realism and military authenticity. For a military buff like myself, it always baffled me why the standard issued rifle of the UNSC was basically an SMG that was way too big and bulky, or how the plasma "rifle" looked a little too compact to BE a RIFLE. What about the magnum? Why is it more effective than the standard issue primary weapon? Loopholes that I believe didn't make much sense in Halo. Alongside those changes, I tweaked AI behaviors and made the marines a much better fighting force, made Elites dive to cover more often and throw grenades, and other tweaks that I will leave for you to discover yourself!


Assault Rifle:
  • Based off of the SCAR-H .
  • Significantly slower rate of fire.
  • High accuracy at medium/long range.
  • Moderate damage.
  • 2X zoom.
  • Ammo is limited to 32 rounds per mag and is chambered in 7.62×51mm NATO rounds. 
  • The AR does NOT have headshot capability.

  • Based off of the Desert Eagle. 
  • Greatly increased damage. 
  • No zoom.
  • Slowed down fire rate and you can no longer hold down the trigger to shoot. 
  • Ammo is limited to 7 rounds per mag and is chambered in .50 Action Express (AE, 12.7×33mm) rounds. 
  • The pistol still retains its headshot capability.

  • Based off of the Barrett M107. 
  • Increased damage. 
  • Slower rate of fire. 
  • You'd expect a .50 caliber round to be able to damage the Flood; so it does.
  • Ammo is chambered in .50 BMG rounds.

  • Based off of the Mossberg Maverick 88.
  • Increased damage against the Flood.
  • Magazine size shortened to 8 rounds.
  • Ammo is chambered in 12 Gauge rounds.

Rocket Launcher: 
  • Increased explosion and melee damage.

Plasma Rifle:
  • Now overhauled to fit the SMG role. 
  • Very fast rate of fire.
  • Lower damage to unshielded targets.
  • Perfect for dishing out large amounts of concentrated fire with a stun/flinch effect.

Plasma Pistol: 
  • Slightly increased damage AGAINST THE PLAYER ONLY. 
  • Takes slightly longer to fully charge. 
  • Overheats much faster.
  • Overcharged shots will burn unshielded enemies for a few seconds and could lead to their death.

  • Bolts move much faster and cut through shields like butter. 
  • Reduced rate of fire. 
  • Increased melee damage.
  • No super combine.
  • Explosion causes more damage. 
  • You can now only carry 2 of each type.

  • Turret takes slightly longer to reach its maximum rate of fire. 
  • Turret is lot more accurate.

  • Increased accuracy and damage for both the MG and main cannon.

  • Increased rate of fire.

  • Increased rate of fire.

Shade Turret:
  • Increased damage.


  • Are now more aggressive.
  • Fire in faster and longer bursts.
  • Have more health.
  • Will try to manoeuvre in groups/squads except for snipers who will prefer to hang back.
  • Will crouch during combat and seek cover more frequently.
  • Generally be more worthy of the title "Marine".

  • Have stronger shields.
  • Can now throw grenades.
  • Increased melee damage.
  • Will attempt to dive into cover.
  • Gold Elites will drop an overshield upon death.

  • Have slightly more health.
  • Fire faster.

  • Must be stationary to shoot.
  • Fire faster.
  • Have much more resistant shields.
  • Will attempt to stick together and form a type of "phalanx" or "shield wall".
  • Majors will hold their ground for longer before attempting to manoeuvre.
  • Are a lot more disciplined and will only flee if they are shot at by a vehicle or take too much damage.

  • Have much more health.
  • Melee attacks are very fatal.
  • Can no longer be one-shotted by the pistol or sniper.
  • May sometimes drop a healthpack upon death.

Flood Combat Forms:
  • Most vulnerable to plasma weapons AND high-caliber human weapons i.e sniper, pistol, and shotgun.
  • Elite forms have slightly more health than the human forms.
  • Greatly increased melee damage.
  • Greatly decreased weapon proficiency.
  • Flood carrying rocket launchers will drop a healthpack upon death.
  • Ammo carried/dropped by the flood has been decreased drastically.
  • Can be killed by melee attacks.

Flood Carriers:
  • Most vulnerable to projectile weapons.


  • All units will attempt to engage in combat from a further distance EXCEPT for those carrying close range weapons, who will instead attempt to rush and overwhelm the enemy.
  • All enemies in the Flood missions, including the Covenant, will drop weapons with less ammo in them.


The Truth and Reconciliation: Since this is an important mission to rescue the captain, marines on this mission are special forces teams. They will have more health, fire faster, and will not panic upon seeing a friendly die.

The Silent Cartographer: The beach landing at the beginning now has almost triple the amount of marines and enemies to feel like a massive D-Day beach landing. From my tests, the marines were able to take the beach completely on their own on Legendary; albeit with very heavy casualties.

Assault on the Control Room:
There are now way more marines to give the feeling of a massive "assault" going on. Regroup and lead the charge! I've also removed the tank as I thought it would be very interesting to have you fight side by side with over a dozen marines in the assault. You still have a Warthog, a couple of Ghosts, and a lot of explosives and ammo.

343 Guilty Spark: Near the end of the mission, you can see a small group of marines get killed by the flood. Problem is, this happened so fast that it's easy to not even notice they were there in the first place. Therefore the amount of marines which inevitably get slaughtered in this room have been doubled.

Difficulty Notice: 

Playing on anything below Heroic isn't recommended. Legendary is the ideal experience.

Looking forward to working on the rest of the campaign and hearing your feedback!

Installation Instructions:

Place the .map files into "\Halo The Master Chief Collection\halo1\original\build\maps" and replace. Be sure to backup the original files and remember to launch the game without the anti-cheat.