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An RTX based Reshade of Halo: Reach that incorporates simulated Raytracing, Real-Time Reflections, and Global Illumination.

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Halo Reach RTX is a simulated version of the famous RTX feature in modern PC games that has defined the future of gaming. Reach RTX has 9+ effects including Lightrays/Godrays, MartyMcfly DOF, MXAO, and SSAO that all come in 4 separate packages for installation: Ultra, High, Medium, Low, and Potato. When playing with this preset understand that due to the amount of stress that Reshade endures to produce certain effects, that you may not maintain a 60+ FPS average with those effects. But I can assure you that you enjoy what you see nonetheless.  

My idea to create this came shortly after I made the Reach Remastered preset for Halo: Reach. I saw how games like Minecraft, Metro Exodus, Battlefield V, Modern Warfare, and Control all had their respective RTX technology. Then I thought, "Why can't I do this for the MCC?" So 14 hours later and countless redos, Halo Reach RTX was made. The visual style for Reach RTX is a mix of Minecraft's RTX and Battlefield V's, but I made sure to include baseline things that all RTX games had in common, such as Global Illumination, Raytracing, DLSS, and a remastered SSAO/SSDO. Vanilla Halo: Reach is not completely washed out despite all these effects however, as I always make sure I keep the original art style intact. 

I have tested this preset on every single campaign mission, multiplayer map, and forge map, so if you somehow see an unfixable anomaly, please post it.

Note: Some effects will not run well (even if configurable) with other performance and detail versions of  Reach RTX. These effects are marked with {Ultra} which means these effects will only be on the Ultra preset of Reach RTX.

Global Illumination (EyeAdaptation)



MartyMcfly DOF {Ultra}

MXAO {Ultra} (detailed SSAO up close)

Godrays/Lightrays {Ultra}

Q:: Why didn't you include all the effects such as Mcfly DOF and Godrays in all your versions?
A: The effects would not come across as aesthetic pleasing if I had to decrease the quality of these effects to a coarse, barely noticeable version without the same detail that the Ultra version has. Also, none of the effects would work for the lower performance options, because the effects I created for Ultra are meant for Quality in higher-end computers. 

Q:: Is the watermark in Reach Remastered compatible with Reach RTX?
A: No.

Q: Winter Contingency is too dark!
A: Wait a while, some maps have dynamic lighting.

Q: What's the difference between the performance options?
A: Little to none, other than that "Potato" and "Low" have little to no SSAO. While "High" and "Medium" have differences in Global Illumination and SSAO quality

Q: Is there a way to add blur in my game without using the Ultra option?
A:  Yes, by using Nvidia's Freestyle editor in-game.

Q: Is there really Raytracing in this Preset?
A: No, it's a simulated version of what it would most likely look like. This goes for Global IIIumination and other universal effects

You will most likely experience a 3-10 FPS dip depending on your system hardware, performance preset, amount of quality effects enabled and location in-game. This can mostly be fixed by using the "Performance mode" option in Reshade's GUI. You most likely cannot play this preset in an actual multiplayer match but you can try. 

These are the average FPS drops you can experience with the performance presets if you're not using mid to high-end hardware (1050ti and up)

Preset    Average FPS           Recommended GPU 

Potato:   1-3 FPS                    (1050ti and below)

Low:       1-5                             (1060 and below)

Medium: 1- 8                           (1070 and above)

High:       1-12                        (1080ti and above)

Ultra        1-15                          (2060 and above)

Step 1: Download ReShade (version 4.5.2 or newer)

Step 2: Run the executable (ReShade_Setup_x.x.x.exe)

- Click "Select Game"

- Navigate to the game install: \steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\MCC\Binaries\Win64 
and select MCC-Win64-Shipping.exe

- Select Direct3D 10/11/12

- When asked to install shaders, select "Yes"  I recommend downloading all the available shaders.
(credit to JSprance for the instructions)