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An enormous campaign overhaul (currently only 5 missions) for halo 3 adding new weapons, encounters, characters, vehicles, animations, mechanics, balancing, and a whole lot more. Making halo 3 feel like a brand new enhanced game while keeping all of its original fun content.

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The Ark: https://www.nexusmods.com/halothemasterchiefcollection/mods/1674
Sierra 117: https://www.nexusmods.com/halothemasterchiefcollection/mods/1735
Crows Nest: https://www.nexusmods.com/halothemasterchiefcollection/mods/1764
Tsavo Highway: https://www.nexusmods.com/halothemasterchiefcollection/mods/1915

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There's way too many changes to list them here. All changes are recorded in my discord server.

For anyone who wants the immersive story of why there are some elites and heretics on the brutes side. After the events of halo 2 almost all heretic faction members were wiped out. However some of them managed to survive and escape. They had only ever known a life of thrilling and honorable combat and they were incapable of living any other way. They decided to begin their own mercenary faction and to always work for the highest bidder. The bigger the job the more opportunity they would have to fight and slay their enemies. When the elites were removed from the covenant some had no other choice but to join the mercenary faction and some relished the chance to have a life of continuous battle fighting for a now renown mercenary clan. During the events of halo 3 the prophets decided that they needed extra muscle to combat the elites and humans who had now joined forces. They decided to hire the mercenary faction knowing they would ignore the fact that they were working with the brutes and fighting their elite brothers. They would fight for the money, their mercenary comrades, and most importantly for the thrill and glory of combat. They are a ruthless battle hardened faction much more in line with the mentality of the banished faction.