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A whacky overhaul to Halo 3's sandbox designed to be fun, chaotic, cursed, and ramp up Halo 3's physics impulses to 11. Every weapon, vehicle, and equipment item has been changed in this, including custom names, icons, and ammo counters to 99% of the items included. This includes the first three levels of Halo 3, with more coming later.

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- This is a ridiculous overhaul of the Halo 3 sandbox. You can think of it as "Cursed Halo 3" 
  (although InfernoPlus is rightfully the king of Cursed Halo, check that out if you haven't yet!),
  you can look at it as a "Campaign Overhaul" that absolutely does NOT balance the game at all,
  you can look at it as a physics playground. Either way, it's all designed to be ridiculous, chaotic fun.
- More specifically, I wanted to change up the way that every weapon functions and 
  what the average player would least expect to have the weapon function as. 
  Some examples include:
* The Barrel Launcher: A rocket launcher with one giant barrel. It shoots, you guessed it, barrels!
  Hold the left trigger/right mouse to unleash a volley of explosive Fusion Coils, overheating your
  Barrel Launcher if used for too long
* Quad Sniper: A sniper rifle with four barrels! It's extremely ineffective and can sometimes
  miss even in CQB combat.
* Slipspace Weapons: The primary Covenant weapons (Plasma Pistol, Plasma Rifle, Carbine Rifle) have been
  adjusted to shoot light-speed technology. The projectiles begin slow, charging up to unleash an excessive
  amount of speed, obliterating anything in its path.
* Overhauled Grenades: All three grenade types perform different than the original types. 
- A rocket propelled grenade (literally)
- A quantum grenade
- A laser light show grenade
- Firebomb adjustment: Coming soon!
* And many more! All weapons in these levels should have been updated, with custom strings!
- This means the HUD text for picking up weapons, getting into vehicles, grabbing turrets,
  swapping equipment, and everything else should have been updated! There are still a few
  weapons I need to update their weapon icon on the HUD and ammo counters, but overall it's
  about 99% done.
- If you have feedback, please leave a comment! I would appreciate if comments have constructive criticism to give specific
  feedback of what was disliked, but I also understand this is the internet and expect it all. 
- Most importantly, I hope everyone has fun. This has been over 100 hours of learning the Halo 3 modding tools, Blender, Paint.net,
  and many other things to get something fun for you all to play. Enjoy!