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This mod makes you a PLAYABLE ELITE, accompanied by a NEW NOBLE TEAM. You can rally together with both Marines and Elites to fight the covenant as well as use NEW WEAPONS/VEHICLES including the loved and never forgotten SPECTRE from Halo 2!



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This mod will be consistently updated and based upon YOUR FEEDBACK. So please, if you have any suggestions I welcome all! Additionally, make sure you tell me what your favorite part about the mod is, so I can make sure to preserve those gameplay elements!

This mod works in the Co-op campaign as well, so get you and 3 pals together, strap on your Sangheili armor and defend REACH from the ruthless Covenant!


Throughout the Reach campaign, there are many changes, designed to help enhance the experience the original campaign gave. There are more enemies, but also more Allies. Certain enemies have been changed, as well as allies, Vehicle spawns, weapons, equipment and mission scenarios such as the Civilian section on Nightfall.

For every mission, there are new/modified weapons and vehicles, designed in such a way to make the campaign feel fresh, but staying true to the Vanilla experience. Many mission scenarios have been changed as well, whilst keeping their core mechanics and building off of what the Vanilla campaign had.
There are also many different types of sandbox changes with different weapon variants that are available throughout the campaign, again either entirely new concepts or simply improved Vanilla weapons. For example, in some missions, you will find yourself with a BATTLE RIFLE instead of a dmr, and you'll find other weapons such as the PLASMA REPEATER have 3 different variants, PLASMA SHOTGUN, PLASMA CARBINE and the Vanilla version with reduced bloom.

There are even missions entirely over-hauled to have a completely new theme, one such mission is EXODUS where the BANISHED are invading the city, or NIGHTFALL where you must save a SPARTAN FIRETEAM and you can later join forces throughout the rest of the mission.
Certain sections of the game that feel like a bit of a roller-coaster where you just sit back and watch the game do all the playing have been reworked and now made much more interactive. For example, in Tip of the Spear, you must now ESCORT a friendly FALCON through the canyon to reach the Spire.

For streamline changes, these include features such as:

- Active Camo changed to be like camo in Halo 2
- Third Person Camera
- The BANISHED have invaded
- Ghosts boost is stronger
- Wraiths are slightly faster
- Allied Elites spawn throughout the mission
- Allied Grunts spawn throughout the mission
- Allied Jackels spawn throughout the mission
- Allied Ghosts spawn throughout the mission
- Allied Revenants spawn throughout the mission
- Allied Elites can join your fireteam
- You can trade weapons with Noble Team
- Hud is now a purple colour
- Health bar can fully regenerate
- Equipped visor colour changes the appearance of your Playable Elite

and a whole bunch of other changes and additions! (such as the anti-air Wraith)

New Noble Team will also fight alongside you during the campaign and carry different weapons and can also be traded with by the player. The new Noble Team also is the very first Spartan and Sangheili fireteam, so excuse the marines if they call you spartan by habit. 

-Zata 'Vadame
-Xay 'Xperia

Special Thanks
A lot of time, love and effort has been put into completing this modpack and its funny to think all this began from something which I never intended to blow-up and get as popular as it has. I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone that has supported me and been there from the started, helping me and motivating me to finish this modpack! I wouldn't have got here without you all!
From all the amazing posts, your endorsements and generous donations, it's crazy to think how far we have all come and what lies ahead in the future. This has been OUR PROJECT.

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I hope you have fun with the mod and if you have any suggestions, feedback or a favorite part please put up a post about it.